A Strengths-Based Approach to Autism -

A Strengths-Based Approach to Autism

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Psychology Assignment Question

  • Identify a health issue of concern in your area of practice or geographic location (examples might include healthy ageing, type 11 diabetes, mental health, maternal health, lifestyle behaviours etc.)

  • Present a critical analysis of the issue of concern. Ensure you include aspects of module material including, but not limited to, behaviour change theories, health promotion, ethical considerations and epidemiology.

  • Produce a resource designed to educate your peers about the main issues and concerns and recommended approach to health promotion.

  • The portfolio will be submitted as one document using the proforma.

Psychology Assignment Solution

A Strengths-Based Approach to Autism

This assignment is an attempt to understand a pertinent issue in the context of early- childhood education, that is, the issue of integration of children dealing with the developmental disorder, Autism, in classrooms. This issue has to be dealt with great finesse and sensitivity because of the nature of the requirements that autistic people have. A better understanding of the developmental disability, read along with the literature developed on the strengths approach, can provide monumental solutions to the prima facie difficult task of integration and academic and social development of autistic children in classrooms. 


The reason I chose the topic of Autism as my primary subject is multi-fold. The rationale behind this choice of mine can be traced back to my visit to the special wing of academic centres where the differently-abled children were taken care of with the help of professionals and a specialised curriculum, were given academic training. These special wings deal with autistic children with great patience and aim at fostering skills that these children can use to sustain themselves. Looking at their curricula, which would be comparatively extremely easy for conventional school curricula, the gravity of the problems that these children go through surfaced.

Besides this experience, my deep interest in child and adolescent psychology helped me in garnering interest in this particular issue. It is not enough to know and understand the issue of developmental disabilities, rather, directing the correct use of resources to help autistic children overcome the fetters of the disability is a matter of great interest. 

Analysis of the Issue of Autism

Understanding Autism 

Autism is a developmental disorder recognised by difficulties with communication and social interaction. A major characteristic of Autism is restricted and repetitive behaviour (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), 2013). Symptoms of Autism can be detected in the first three years of life (Landa, 2008). There is gradual development in these symptoms. Some signs might worsen the ability to communicate even after physical development has matured (Stefanatos, 2008).

The DSM combines Autism and less severe forms of the condition, including Asperger syndrome into the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (Johnson & Myers, 2007)

Early intervention can create a sense of independence in children with Autism (Sanchack &Thomas, 2016). With greater awareness, the temperament towards Autism is divided between the cure of the disorder and adaption of the disorder in normal life (Silverman, 2008).

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