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Accounting Assignment Question



The investors of Lennox Surfers P/L have been provided the following financial statements for 2014 and 2015 financial year . Calculate the following ratios and comment on the profitability and efficiency of the business:

Profitability ratios

Net profit margin 

Gross profit margin


Efficiency ratios

Inventory turnover period

Average accounts receivable period

Asset turnover


In relation to recent corporate crashes, what have been the main lessons/faults associated with the accounting information system and/or process? Explain 

Question 3

For each of the following items, state whether it is either; 

Revenue or Expense or Asset or Liability or Equity.  

  1. A loan to another company

  2. Shares issued to the public 

  3. Inventory purchased last week

  4. Depreciation of equipment

  5. Provision for long service leave

  6. Excess payment to the tax department

  7. Shares owned in another company

  8. Accounts payable

  9. Prepaid insurance premiums

  10. Deposit paid by a customer for work yet to be done

  11. Credit sales

  12. Cash sales

  13. Retained profit

  14. Advertising

  15. Bad debts

  16. Dividend declared, not yet paid

  17. Singed a contract for a $300,000 building

  18. Undertook basic research for $40,000 on a new product

  19. Delivered goods to a customer related to credit sales contract

  20. Special staff training program related to new regulations cost $10,000

  21. Cash purchase of a new computer for $23,000

  22. Paid initial payment of $5,000 related to the financial lease of a bus


Accounting Assignment Solution

Question 1:


The following ratios will be calculated on the basis of the financial statements which have been provided by Lennox Surfers for the years 2014 and 2015.

Profitability Ratios:  


The following ratios would be calculated to understand the profitability of the firm.

Gross Profit Margin:


Gross Profit Margin=Gross Profit ($’000) /Sales ($’000) (Robert N Anthony, 2010)

For the year 2014:

Gross Profit Margin=1440/3600


For the year 2015:

Gross Profit Margin=1590/3840


Net Profit Margin:


Net Profit Margin=Net Profit ($’000) /Sales ($’000) (Investopedia, 2015)…………………..



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