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Accounting Information Systems Assignment

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Accounting Assignment Question

Assignment on Accounting Information Systems.

Accounting Assignment Solution

Q2b.  The changes suggested for the existing system and way to achieve the same are as follows.

1. Restricted Information Access

  • Only authorized employees are given access to the ERP modules based on the departments to which they are associated. For instance, the receiving department is able to create only a register for the received items and is unable to raise purchase requests.

2. Inventory Management

  • An efficient inventory management model is to be introduced like just-in-time to reduce inventory and maintenance costs (Akindipe 2014). Removal of raw materials from the storeroom is documented through an inventory management system which is linked to employee ID to show which employee removed the item. A manual assessment is carried out periodically to adjust the system records.

3. Document Management

  • Various documents are recorded to manage the goods from receiving to storage to production. All documents generated through transactions are to be sequentially numbered for easy identification. To maintain the authentication of digital approval forms digital signatures and time stamps could be used. 

4. Purchase Management

  • To effectively manage goods in the supply chain, the suppliers can be asked to provide bar-coded items or items with RFID tag which enables the receiving department to use scanners for item identification (Attaran 2007). Competitive bidding is organized through an electronic data interchange system and emails to select a vendor from multitudes of vendors or elect for multiple vendors for the same item (Minner 2003).

5. Quality Management

  • Quality checks are to be conducted at the receiving department. Quality analysis data and comments are entered into the system against the recorded item entry.

Q2c. The suggested changes in the existing system are integrated with the ERP system through a well-designed implementation process (O’Donnell 2016). The first step is strategic planning (Romney et al. 2012, p. 670) wherein objectives for the project are set, current business processes and flow of information are determined which is followed by project plan preparation. Based on the changes to be made, the business processes (Tsai et al. 2010) are identified such as ordering and shipping. Documents involved in the processes like purchase requests, purchase orders, invoices, bill of lading are collected to incorporate an automated document management system and a database of historical data. A project plan is created to ensure that the implementation lies within the planned scope and objectives are met.

The second step involves the review of existing software capabilities and gaps between the legacy system and the proposed ERP are identified (Schniederjans & Yadav 2013). Manual processes are identified to develop automated forms, data access and control mechanisms. A document containing the procedures is developed to maintain the details of each activity in the ERP.

The next stage involves the data collection process in which data from legacy systems are collected and cleaned for use in the ERP to be implemented.  The data sources of documents involved in ordering, shipping, and storage and accounts receivables are collected and verified for accuracy and completeness. Unwanted and inactive records are removed from the system.

The modules developed to meet the changes are tested and the employees involved in the processes are trained. The modules are test-run to monitor the data flow, identify errors and outputs are validated.

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