An Ecological City Design Proposal Assignment 3 -

An Ecological City Design Proposal Assignment 3

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Prepare an illustrative essay that proposes, positions, contextualises, and explains a design/planning proposition that advances urban ecology thinking. This proposal must reflect the application of Biophilic design and planning principles.

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Biophilic City Design

Daily contact with nature can not only create an increased awareness of the vitality of nature but has a large potential to enhance and improve the quality of health of humans. The term “Biophilia” describes the intrinsic and instinctive affiliation of human beings towards the other members of nature. A biophilic urban environment is one where nature and its protection & sustenance are considered one of the first & most vital priorities. The designing, planning and overall management of the city’s systems are performed while realizing the essential needs of daily human contact with nature. 

A biophilic city is actually a city that can support biodiversity of various kinds and where almost every activity performed by the inhabitants is done in close proximity with nature. These cities aim to maintain, restore and repair the existing natural environments and aims to create new spaces for greenery and vegetation. Biophilic designs in cities can help in the reduction of mental and physical stress, improve the mind’s capability & creativity and can improve the overall well being of a human being. This section focuses on certain aspects of human life enhancement possible through close connection with nature. 

Biophilic designing and planning are done in terms of keeping in mind some patterns through which nature can influence the human mind and body. These are: 

  • Visual connection with Nature; 
  • Non-visual (auditory, olfactory, etc.) connection with Nature;
  • Stochastic sensory connections;
  • Thermal &airflow Variability and their effects;
  • The presence of water bodies and water;
  • Dynamic &diffused lighting; and,
  • Connection with Natural systems.

There are several key indicators that may help in judging & determining whether a particular city is biophilic in all of its aspects or not. Some of these are 🡪

  • the percentage of the population within 100 meters’ proximity of any park or green space;
  •  the formation of an integrated and coordinated ecological network through effective usage of greenery and vegetation; 
  • The percentage of the urban land area in wild and partially wild habitat; the percentage amount of forest and tree cover in certain regions of the city; 
  • The amount of urban eco-friendly features such as green rooftops, steppes, green walls, etc.; 
  • miles per capita of walking, hiking, biking, and jogging trails; 
  • and the total number of community gardens & reserved greenery plots in the urban environment. (Timothy, 2009)

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