Analysis of the Heritage Management Plan of the Australian War Memorial -

Analysis of the Heritage Management Plan of the Australian War Memorial

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Select a Conservation Management Plan from the list provided on the CloudDeakin site  for this Unit and evaluate it according to the following questions: 

(1) What  can  you  discern about  how the  Statement  of  Significance was prepared?  You should consider: 

  • the kinds of evidence and research it has drawn on; 
  • its ability to clearly express the full range of heritage values of the place; the use of criteria and threshold statements; 
  • its relation with existing national/state/local statutory lists or registers; the identification of the attributes relevant to the significance of the place. 

(2) How well do you  think the Conservation Management  Plan established policies  for values-based management?  You should consider:  

  • the main conservation issues that have been identified; 
  • the other site management matters that are important in order to conserve  the place; 
  • how well the plan’s policies and actions have been linked to the significance.  

(3) Based on your review, please briefly comment on the usefulness of Conservation  Management Plans as a tool for achieving conservation outcomes. 

You  should  draw  on  comparisons with  other  Conservation  Management  Plans  in  developing your points. 

Your answer should provide a critical reflection on this Conservation Management Plan,  rather than simply summarising its provisions. 

Please take note of the ‘tips’ for this Assignment that are provided on CloudDeakin.

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1. Introduction

War-memorials have been constructed across Australia, grandest being the Australian War Memorial (AWM) (Godden Mackay Logan 2011, p. i). The AWM is constructed to honour the Australians who laid their lives in war. Its mission statement explains the role of the AWM as an entity of remembrance, interpretation and understanding of the war experience and its impact on the society. The constant changes in space and collection are key issues for the management of such heritage sites. This report reviews various aspects – significance, value-based management and usefulness, of AWM Heritage Management Plan (HMP) in place for the conservation of AWM in comparison with other Conservation Management Plans (John Wadsley 2014) and (Palassis Architects 2010).

2. Australian War Memorial Heritage Management Plan

The AWM is set up as a corporation under the Australian War Memorial Act 1980, which outlines the functions and responsibilities of the stakeholders (Australian Government 2011). A Heritage Management Plan (HMP) is developed for the AWM, based on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) which has set the principles and mandatory requirement for the management of heritage sites. Based on the provision of the EPBC Act, the HMP ensures the conformance of principles to conserve the Memorial.

  • Conduct research before opting for developmental changes
  • Follow the HMP to the core
  • Integration of HMP with day-to-day operation
  • Continuous monitoring of the HMP implementation

As per legal requirements, a review of HMP is planned to be conducted once in every five years.

3. Discerning the Preparation of Statement of Significance

A statement of significance is drafted to specify the importance of the AWM (Appendix A) and assesses its value against defined criteria at the national, regional and local levels. 

3.1 Evidence and Research

The historical data used for the HMP is derived from the analysis given in the AWM conservation management plan created in 1995. The AWM’s history, from the year 1995 till date, is gathered from the records maintained by the council. The different elements of the site are outlined using the description of the units, location maps and plans. Similar approach is observed in the CMPs of Fremantle Prison (Palassis Architects 2010, p. 5) and Ballarat Arch (John Wadsley 2014, p. 7). As the AWM is recognized as a site of heritage value, the HMP check for any gaps and identify its association with natural and Indigenous heritage values. In order to identify the site’s possibility to have natural values, the native vegetation in the location is determined and the analysis of aerial photographs to comprehend landscape development and the potential for residual vegetation in the area. Similarly, the probability of the presence of Indigenous heritage values is determined by reviewing the archaeological and environmental contexts of the site. Identification of factors impacting the site’s original landscape, discussion with community representatives and site survey are carried out to determine the prospects for archaeological presence. Apart from this, tolerance of change arising from alterations or changes in the tangible and intangible nature of heritage values is determined for the memorial. The AWM has developed a heritage register and strategy documents to maintain the details of the various elements of its heritage.

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