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Assignment On Regression Analysis

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One of the biggest challenges in the higher education sector has been the recent growth of online universities. The Online Education Database is an independent organisation whose mission is to build a comprehensive list of accredited online colleges. The Excel spreadsheet (OnlineEdu.xlsx) contains data on the retention rate (%) and the graduation rate (%) for 29 online colleges in the United States.


Prepare a 1,200 word report that addresses the following questions:

  1. Provide a descriptive analysis of the two variables (e.g., mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum) 
  2. Develop a scatter diagram with retention rate as the independent variable. What does the scatter diagram indicate about the relationship between the two variables?
  3. Develop and estimate a regression equation that can be used to predict the graduation rate (%) given the retention rate (%) 
  4. State the estimated regression equation and interpret the meaning of the slope coefficient 
  5. Is there a statistically significant association between graduation rate (%) and retention rate (%).  What is your conclusion? 
  6. Did the regression equation provide a good fit? Explain.
  7. Suppose you were the president of South University. After reviewing the results, would you have any concerns about the performance of your university compared to other online universities? 
  8. Suppose you were the president of the University of Phoenix. After reviewing the results, would you have any concerns about the performance of your university compared to other online universities? 

Your report needs to be structured as follows:

    • Purpose 
    • Background 
    • Method 
    • Results 
    • Discussion 
    • Recommendations

Economics Assignment Solution

1. Purpose of the Study

The data of retention rate and graduation rate of online universities have been taken from the online education database for the purpose of this study to pursue the following main objectives:

  1.  To give a descriptive analysis of two given variables.
  2. To explain the relationship between two given variables through the coefficient of correlation and plotting a scatter diagram.
  3. To develop the regression equation to interpret the slope and verify the fitness of the equation.
  4. To compare and interpret the results of South University and the University of Phoenix with results of other online universities.

2. Background

Retention rate is the rate at which the students are retained within the institute for completion of the course for which they have been admitted. A study by FAFSA (2017) explains the graduation rate as the rate at which students complete the course within the prescribed time limit. The increasing growth of online universities has created a big challenge for universities in higher education, and the number of studies has been conducted to find out the way to face this challenge. The retention rate and graduation rate have been identified as the key factors which every university aims to increase at so as to be able to be a good performer. The present study focuses on these two key variables.

3. Method

The data of 29 online Universities of USA is given. The descriptive analysis has been done for the given data through calculating its average value, minimum value, maximum value and standard deviation. The degree of association has been determined by calculating the coefficient of correlation and plotting to scatter diagram. A regression equation has been developed for the independent variable, i.e. retention rate and dependent variable, i.e. graduation rate. The goodness of fit and slope analysis has been performed.  Ms-excel and data analysis tool has been used to do descriptive analysis, correlation and regression. The following hypotheses have been formulated and tested at 5% significance level for the study.

Null Hypothesis (Ho): The value of the slope is equivalent to zero

Alternate Hypothesis (Ha): The value of the slope not equivalent to zero

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