Australian beef industry supply chain report -

Australian beef industry supply chain report

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Supply Chain Management Assignment Question

1. Identify and discuss the key member/channels in the supply chain?
2. Apply a supply chain analysis to discuss how the supply chain is designed and operates, and how it appears to be performing?
3. Based on the evaluation and findings of the design and performance of the supply chain, discuss what issues are apparent and what opportunities exist for improving the supply chain?

Supply Chain Assignment Solution

The supply chain comprises a group of components with the capacity to produce raw materials, synthesize intermediary goods/ items, transform into finished products and deliver materials and products using a distribution system throughout the entire supply chain. Technically, supply chain activities involve procurement, manufacturing and distribution. The primary function of supply chain management is to optimize the entire chain of components and incorporate value additions with very little expenditure. This report analyses the supply chain of the beef industry in Australia.
Supply chain management is used in the beef sector to improve delivery of food products, reducing inventory across the chain, manage customer demand, consumption and exports with proper forecasts, increase productivity of the industry, lower expenses, improve capacity, flexibility, consistency, and receptiveness, increase fill rates and create understanding about food safety and animal health.
Supply chain management (SCM) practices are carried out by a company to ensure the successful management of their supply chains (Shukla, Garg & Agarwal 2011). The Australian beef supply chain is identified to be analyzed for this report. Beef as a commodity is prone to significant demand fluctuations subject to increasing income levels and demand for protein-content food items (Goesch et al. 2015). The beef industry is highly reliant on the economic infrastructure of Australian and is highly influential on the competitiveness of the industry (Goesch et al. 2015). Some of the issues affecting the supply chain are restrictions to the road transport network, negligible access to telecommunication networks in rural areas and less number of players offering stevedoring services at ports. This report determines the roles of various stakeholders in the supply chain, identifies the performance indicators and measures and evaluates issues and opportunities faced by the supply chain…………

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