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AUSTRALIAN CRUISE INDUSTRY on Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Management Assignment Question

It is my desire that you derive as much as possible from your university learning journey.

Hence, I would like to facilitate your learning by providing you an opportunity to individually critically reflect on your Assignment 1. This reflection is in view of sharing with me its academic shortcoming(s) and to explain how you those aspects can be avoided in the assignments you have to undertake in the future.

I would highly recommend that you do take the time to do this activity. If I am persuaded that this reflection has benefitted your learning, I will boost your Assignment 1 grade up to 4 marks. Your learning will be evident in your reflection which should be no longer than 2 pages (a single A4 sheet) using Times New Roman, 12-point font size and single spacing.

Hospitality Management Assignment Solution


The report tries to target Phil and Becky and similar customer base by designing an effective marketing plan for them. To achieve this target the STP (i.e. segmentation, positioning, and targeting) method of marketing has been approached (Coggins & Oscar, 2014). The customer base has been divided into segments and then generic positioning approach for these segments has been suggested. Based on the target customers appropriate target strategies has also been decided.



The above approach helped us in properly segmenting the customer base in general and Phil & Becky in specific. Based on the characteristics of this customer segment we have suggested some target strategies. These target strategies have been decided completely focused on customer base similar to Phil & Becky. Thus, we have approached an effective marketing plan of Australian cruising for a selected customer base.



Though we have tried to design an effective marketing strategy as much as possible, our research still suffers from certain limitations. They are:

·         Lack of Primary data: The research is completely based on secondary data and thus may not be completely accurate for direct implementation. Secondary data, though taken from reliable sources still lacks the efficacy of primary data.

·         Segmentation Strategy: The characteristics of the segments that been formed are latent in nature in many cases. They are basically chosen from characteristics of customers from other segments of goods and services (Isemo, Rosén, & Svensson, 2008). Exact characteristics for cruise customers are not available for all segments.

·         Exclusion of foreign customers: The research excludes the foreign customers who form a significant part of Australian cruise industry (CLIA Australia, 2014).

·         Lack of data about Phil & Becky: Though some data is available for Phil and Becky, information such as the amount of their disposable income, choice of destination for cruising, services and packages expectations and state of dwelling are unknown. Availability of these data can help in designing a much more effective marketing strategy.

These are some of the limitation of our research and analysis presented in the report.


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