Barbara’s New Job Case Analysis -

Barbara’s New Job Case Analysis

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Write a case analysis on Barbara’s New Job.

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A vivid field, in the study of an organization, pertains to the analysis of the emotions and attitudes that are prominently witnessed in the organizational setting (Williams & Mc. Williams 2014). The study is majorly covered under study areas of organizational behaviour and organizational psychology. The area of study is gaining prominence, especially with a globalised business scenario, where companies are spreading overseas and cross-cultural teams are working together (Gopinath 2011). 

With such an organization based scenario in mind, the report would extend to analyse the case of Barbara’s New Job. In the case, a culture of interpersonal differences has been witnessed by varied emotions and attributes, displayed by the different employees in the organization. The report would majorly analyse the problems identified in the case in terms and also bring out recommendations to manage the situation based on the existing theories that pertain to the study of emotions and attitudes along with the organizational culture.

Problem Identification

On the basis of comprehending of facts and information, as has been presented in the case of Barbara, a mix of leadership and behavioural issues could be identified as the reason behind the dissatisfaction at work that compelled Barbara to take a decision to either resign or take a transfer from the job. 

An array of issues with identified causes can be brought out from the case, including:

  1. Barbara’s wrong posting- Instead of Cost accountancy department, Barbara was put to work in the Management Information System’s Department. The cause majorly would be linked to inappropriate decision making and planning which can be associated with inappropriate leadership and organizational socialisation (McGinnis 2011). 
  2. Bob’s sending Barbara to the workshop without any formal communication to Peter- Direct reporting relationship was not respected in the situation. A communication gap, which could have been avoided by Bob, was displayed by a casual attitude towards work. Along with Peter’s personal nature and behaviour, which has been identified to be moody, was impacted by the action leading to the development of a stringent relationship between Barbara and Peter. 
  3. Vernon’s taking Barbara to Bob- Colleagues of Barbara could have shown her the right direction, as per which she needed to openly communicate things to peter, but a low motivated work atmosphere and a non-empathetic interpersonal relationship, that could be identified in the work environment impacted the situation.
  4. Peter’s verbally accusing Barbara- As part of artefacts to organizational language, Peter should have been trained to restrain himself from using abusive and accusing language for Barbara, which he did not consider.
  5. Barbara’s handing over the transfer request to Bob- Inefficient leadership can be a cause that Barbara preferred speaking to Bob over Peter. Along with formal communication should be planned under appropriate organizational guidelines, which in the present case was not considered.

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