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Information Technology Assignment Question

Question 1
You are working as a software developer for a small company developing learning materials which you put into a learning management system for use in online learning environments. Your clients are colleges which provide services to students in schools all around the world. One of your clients works with children with disabilities. You are working on material which is to be used by children in hospital and rehabilitation who have suffered trauma through an accident. These children live all around Australia, in country areas and in city facilities. The sorts of injury they have suffered include loss of sight, partially and fully blinded, limited body movement including loss of the use of their hands.
What are some of the issues you will have to think about as you design and implement your software to support your client and their students?

Write about half a page in answer to this. Discuss your work with your classmates.

Question 2.

  1. You’re an ICT professional working in web 2.0 developments, should you have any issues which involve Green ICT?
  2. Explain your answer.
  3. Write no more than half a page in answer to this. Discuss your work with your classmates.

Question 3

Which of the following are projects, and which are processes? Explain your answer
1. Building a computer, on a production line of identical computers

2. Building a house, as one of a series of identical houses all over Australia

3. Upgrading a computer from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 4. Upgrading all 120 computers from Windows 2000 to Windows 7
Compare them with those of at least 2 other classmates.

Information Technology Assignment Solution

Serving educational facilities to students with disabilities is a huge challenge in itself. Certain important factors need to be kept in mind while designing the software (Ott, 2003).At the very outset disabilities in students can be visual, hearing, and psychological or anything else.  Prior to designing of any software for them, the designer must understand that the need of every disabled child is different. Understanding all these sets of requirements and then to design software which can be easily customized by the user as per their requirements, is a challenging task. E.g., educational needs of deaf students are different from other disabled students as teaching them few words whose meanings are context dependent can prove to be tough like as in the Italian language. Also, the software needs to ensure that the students must feel involved while using it for learning. It means the software must be more interactive than usual software which can be a challenging job. In many cases, education for disabled students is more about providing them a moral support than teaching, as in the case of students with dyslexia. It is a big issue for any software to have this particular feature. Many disabled students are disinterested about education because of their psychological state. Inspiring such students and then devising a well-planned education system and corresponding software to ensure that these students are kept interested in learning, is a big challenge and issue in itself.

Answer 2:

As an ICT Professional, I might across issues which involve a contention between Web 2.0 applications, and the guidelines for Green ICT. Some of the common issues which I can face are (Kazlauskas & Hasan, 209):

  • Application consolidation: In accordance with the guidelines of Green ICT, one should employ the process of virtualization to reduce the number of server usages, and hence lower down the power consumption and energy requirements. However, at times, certain projects might require an independent running of some applications, either for the purpose of testing, or security reasons. Also, sometimes, certain applications might have a very different requirement pertaining to memory and disk usage, which would require high technical skills to understand the exact arrangement for virtualization.
  • Tough to gauge individual requirement: The application data for web 2.0, are gaining more complexity day by day, as there are media rich pages, and high demanding applications, which puts a constraint on high performance. Under this circumstances, it would be tough to estimate the exact computing requirement that needs to be built, to obtain smooth operations.
  • Challenges of reengineering: Implementing and applying green ICT practices might require a significant amount of reengineering in business processes and practices of the firm, which might not always be feasible, and would require additional support and cooperation from Top management.

Answer 3:

A project is usually unique in characteristic and is mostly done for the first time. However, processes are more repetitive in nature with the same task being repeated across time following more or less the same set of steps (Stanleigh, 2010). A project adds value by doing something new which is not the case with processes.

  1. Building a Computer on production lines of identical Computers

This is a process as the computer is being built on production lines of identical computers and thus it is a repetitive task. Here value is being created by repeating and copying an existing mechanism.

  1. Building a house, as one of a series of identical houses all over Australia

This is also a process as similar kind of houses has already been built all across Australia. So there would be the availability of people who can do the same task following the same steps…………….

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