BP032P04:Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health -

BP032P04:Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health

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Nursing Assignment Questions

Essay – Critique of substance use interview.

Students will critique (not describe) an online substance-use interview. Your critique will be based on information and interviewing techniques provided via online tutorial activities and other materials available on the Moodle site.

You are to provide a written critique of an online substance-use interview (a link to this will be provided via the Moodle site in the ‘assessment 1’ folder). Your critique in essay format is to include the following sections:

Exploration of the way in which the interviewer’s initial contact with the person occurred:

·  Examination of the levels of rapport and respect established by the interviewer;

·  The degree to which the interviewer addressed the person’s readiness to change their behaviour/s;

·  The extent to which the interviewer identified the impact of lifestyle and substance use on the person’s health;

·  The extent to which the interviewer identified stresses related to the person’s substance use and lifestyle;

·  The overall level of engagement between the person and interviewer throughout the interview;

·  The manner to which the interview was concluded.

Headings are to be used in your essay to identify each section. As part of your essay, you are to explain and justify your answers (citing appropriate literature).

Nursing Assignment Solutions

Interview Critique on Substance Abuse


Staff nurses and other healthcare professionals are faced with the challenge of ensuring healthcare across a diverse range of patients. One such category of patients includes the individuals who are challenged by substance abuse. For ensuring effective healthcare delivery and planning effective care, it is important to understand the patient through the use of well-structured interview techniques. Substance abuse might often be an external manifestation of the psychological frame of mind of that individual. Various subjective and objective factors are associated with the development of substance abuse. Some of the common factors that are associated with substance abuse include social isolation, family conflict, and stress in personal or professional life, relationship constraints and habit formation. Staff nurses and other healthcare professionals should be sensitive while extending or planning care in a group of individuals. The planning of care may be directly related to a rehabilitation program aimed at managing individuals with abuse of alcohol. These programs use physical and psychological intervention strategies for ensuring the care of the affected individual. Understanding the issues of an individual, psycho-counselling sessions are also intervened to help the individual in restraining from substance abuse. Apart from these therapies, nursing personnel should uncover the underlying reasons for such behaviour in their patients.  The present article will critique an interview session of a staff nurse engaged in interacting with an individual who is alcoholic and is under its abuse for quite a bit of time.

Scenario Description

In the chat transcript of the interview, it reflected that an interview session of a staff nurse engaged in interacting with an individual who is alcoholic and is under its abuse for a quite a bit of time. The individual who was under substance abuse at first looked apprehensive when the interview session started. Throughout the session, his body language was quite jittery and he was shaking his head and his body which was noticeable. He confessed that he was a “drunkard” and has been an individual affected by alcohol abuse. He mentions that he normally is not engaged in any work and sometimes works in a nearby library on a part-time basis. He was asked about the consequences or issues that he faces due to his substance abuse. He denies any such issues but becomes emotional while asked about personal relationships.

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