BP276 Strategies to use to facilitate effective organisational communication -

BP276 Strategies to use to facilitate effective organisational communication

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Human Resource Assignment Question

The Module 2 readings provide you with a number of 'tools' or strategies to use to facilitate effective organisational communication. Your task is to consider the three professional communication issues you and others identified in the Module 1 online assessment task. At this point you may revise your top three (3) issues. After you reflect, make a selection of the 'tools' provided and answer the following question:
One of the team members of HOPE has made a protected disclosure which points to serious problems within the team. Your task is to reflect and then identify and promote within the HOPE organisation three (3) initiatives to address your chosen top three (3) communication issues.

Human Resource Assignment Solution

1.     Introduction

Healthy Oxygen Promotional Education commission is an initiative on the part of the Australian Government to promote awareness among the Australian public about clean air. The aim is very noble; to raise awareness about air pollution and ensure a healthy future for Australians. The Distance of the commissioners that govern the board of HOPE commission lays the foundation stone of communication trouble for this social service organization because the leaders who are responsible to bring expertise to the initiative are not playing their role at all. The outcome of which is major communication issues like- Attitudinal barriers between the CEO and employees of the organization, Absence of transparency in the operations of the organization and lack of Organisational harmony.  Employees of HOPE are immensely experienced and so is the CEO, Alex Coles, but their attitude differ. The focus of employees is towards delivering high-quality services, whereas the CEO is solely concerned about the Key Performance Indicators. Transparency issues have emerged due to the hiring of Frank Rodgers, a close friend to the CEO as the consultant for HOPE. Rodgers, the consultant for HOPE initiative; a vision of which is 'Our lives depend on it' holds the opinion that air pollution has never bothered him. The silence of employees towards the whole situation due to the fear of job loss, despite their anger towards nepotism prevailing in HOPE, testifies the lack of Harmony in the organization. Organizational conflict in the opinion of (Bloom & Farraggher, 2011) is essential in a learning organization. Disequilibrium and questioning the state of affairs of the organization reflect healthy conflict. The impact of the conflict can be good, bad or even ugly, and the degree of stress among the members of an organization determines the intensity of the organisational conflict. As observed by (Bacal, 1998), good organizational conflict promotes growth and creativity in the organization. On the other extreme Ugly conflict is an outcome of not taking action on situations of conflict, not putting the issue of conflict forward, or misusing the power and laws by superiors. In the case of HOPE, the conflict has taken the shape of an ugly one but wise of the use of communication tools can help the organization to come out of this situation.

2. Attitudinal Barriers between the CEO and employees

Beginning from the first communication issue identified in HOPE- Attitudinal barriers that exist between the CEO and employees of the organisation, it is interesting to note that the CEO is apparently motivating the employees to share their views and opinions towards the operations of HOPE, but out of fear of the consequences of speaking against a close friend of CEO, employees are suppressing their opinions and viewpoints. This reluctance among the employees to speak up is described by (Detert & Edmondson, 2007) as an outcome of the feeling of self-preservation among the employees. Keeping their mouths closed despite dissent is because of the protective instinct innately present among individuals. These suppressed views if put forth wisely could actually benefit HOPE greatly. It is recommended by (Detert & Edmondson, 2007), that merely encouraging employees to speak up or setting suggestion boxes is not sufficient to tackle this communication issue, but inculcating a sense of safety among them to speak up requires a modification in the organisational culture, which could be attained by enhancing communication through tools of narrative and storytelling.


Narrative and Storytelling

It is observed by (Denning, 2011) that while implementing the tools of narration and storytelling are needed to be implemented keeping in mind that business is driven by analysis and hard facts. Analysis, objectivity, and even ruthlessness drives mindset of businessmen often, but analysis might excite the mind, but it doesn't make its way into the heart of people and heart is where a leader should reach in order to motivate people for taking action with energy and vigor. This describes the situation of HOPE more or less. (Maxwell & Dickman, 2007), mention that a good story spreads in an organization at a very rapid pace and helps in reaching a large number of personnel quickly. Stories act as a binding agent for managers and co-workers by morale building. It primarily defines the problem to members of a team with a hint of thoughtfulness to it and leaves the listeners thinking for searching solutions for these problems. Another example of effectiveness of storytelling for motivating employees to take part in decision making and work as a team is mentioned by (Adamson, Pine, Van Steenhoven, & Kroupa, 2006) of a healthcare centre named San Juan Regional, CEO of which used the famous story 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to revamp its personalised healthcare services. Motivated and energised by the whole plan, it helped the San Juan Regional hospital in changing the connection between employees and management completely. Storytelling is the ideal tool for transforming attitudes because it helps in reaching the minds of people through their hearts as this tool is rooted in thoughtfulness. Tool of narrative and storytelling can facilitate communicating a wide range of issues in an organisation ranging from organisational objectives, mindset and vision of leaders, and motivating employees to achieve organisational objectives by taking inspiration from a story that closely relates to the needs of organisation.

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Initiative- Storytelling during staff meeting

After sensing the reluctance among employees to give their feedback in the operations of HOPE, it is imperative on the part of the CEO to motivate employees for sharing their views, opinions and feedback on the functioning of Innovative Health Solutions because in the opinion of employees, the performance of the consultancy is not up to the mark and despite the appointment of his close friend as a consultant of the project, Alex Coles cares about KPI's. Employees at HOPE are concerned about the quality of services and wastage of huge investment. So, it is the CEO who needs to take action. Directors of the board should instruct the CEO that he needs to break the ice between himself and employees by sharing personal experiences, stories of working with his ex-colleagues, etc. After attaining a level of comfort with the employees, he should narrate thoughtful short stories about the importance of superior-subordinate relationships, feedback, brainstorming, etc. As there is immense hostility among the employees currently, a series of meetings and well-themed stories would be able to solve the problem. Because the employees are already motivated to work with dedication, synchronization of attitude is needed greatly at the end of the CEO and storytelling could help him attain the same. As a fresh allocation $10 million has been allocated to HOPE, taking inspiration from the 'Raiders of the lost Art plan', Alex Coles can also motivate its employees to role play and go out in the fields as teams and coordinate with consultancy Innovative Health.

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