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Business Data Analysis Descriptive Approach

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Business Data Analysis Question

This is a report about Business Data Analysis
Please use the data set 1 and data set 2 to analysis for the requirement 1 and requirement 2 BASED ON THE KNOWLEDGE from “week 1 to week 4”. The word limit is 2000. The due day is 12:00 on this Sunday which is 4SEP16. Inside the project please provide some steps by steps and draft to show that this is a STUDENT work. Also, please leave a certain percentage of common STUDENT MISTAKES.

Business Data Analysis Answer

The report aims to study the distribution of the workforce of James Cook University across its four current locations Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and Singapore. It finds out the workforce distribution regarding gender, remuneration, environmental awareness of the staff and personal behaviour. 
The primary objective of the report is to know the current scenario regarding some male-female staff employed; gender wage disparity across four locations. The study also focuses on the present situation of women retention rate as this has been the issue for an extended period. The report further studies personal behaviour and environmental awareness among the staff. This study is carried out to assess the current situation and build policies, training programs, hiring (if there is huge gender gap) and to bring awareness to the workforce on the issues as mentioned above.
1.1 Tools and Technique deployed
The study has used techniques like the measure of central tendency, the degree of variability, skewness ( Trevor, 2001) of the workforce, age-range, and salary distribution in the four different locations to assess the current situation. 
The study also deployed correlation technique (Greener & Joe, 2005) to find out the causal relationship between the salary and age-range, salary and the workforce regarding male and female across four locations. The study also focuses on the relationship between the experience of an employee and the salary an employee draws annually……………

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