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Business Sales Development Program In ABC Sales Ltd.

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Write a case study on Business Sales Development Program in ABC Sales Ltd.

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The world is embracing newer technologies and techniques with each passing day. Also, organizations are forced to become more and more cost-sensitive in a mature market which is tending towards slower growth and becoming highly competitive and having to deal with customers increasingly becoming more critical on lean and six-sigma practices. To handle this, skills much superior and specialized than what the average employee possesses is required. In their book “Acquiring Skills: Market Failures, Their Symptoms and Policy Responses”, authors Alison L. Booth and Dennis J. Snower (Booth & Snower, 2005) suggests that this skill gap is quite potent and on a longer run, detrimental to the companies’ performance and growth. In such a scenario, it’s only imperative, that typical sales-oriented organizations such as ABC Sales Ltd. upgrade its methods of reaching out to customers, interacting with them and closing its deals. This is important not only to get ahead of its competitors but also to merely even stay in the competition. Also, in the face of skillsets rapidly facing obsolescence, the need for preparing the future leaders of the organization suitably, cannot be undermined. The figure in Appendix 1, gives a Comparison between and Learning Organization and a Stagnant Organization.

To make matters worse for the companies, a number of internal impediments exist to such upgradations as listed below:

  • The internal workforce of most companies has a very low bulge mix (percentage of employees with three or less than three years of experience), which may just indicate that the workforce is more inclined to using the older push-based sales cycles using older manual techniques of pursuing sales leads and tracking deals’ status. As such, a major chunk of employees in most organisations are ignorant of the newer techniques circulating in the market. Also, there’s a high chance that current employees, who are accustomed to the long-used older methods and complacent with their current skillset and its outcomes, will be sceptical in the wake of such changes. This bears a risk of purporting a negative connotation to such changes with the result of the organization alienating its own human resources.
  • Recruiting is always a zero-sum game. If one organization fails to attract and retain its talents, the competitors will always resort to poaching each other’s workforce. Thus the challenge to such an organization, which intends to bring a major change in the skillsets of its workforce is not only to make the change both acceptable and attractive to the target audience but also to ensure that post implementation of the change, the employees are suitably compensated as per their advanced skillsets. 

It’s not only the organization which would profit from the effort to upskill its workforce. Moving over win-win scenarios, it’s a ‘quadra’ win in this case, where along with the organization, the employee, the customers and the shareholders of the company also benefits. While the employee benefits from vertical loading (performing tasks which enables a person to grow his competencies) (Griffeth & Hom, 2001), such an initiative on part of the organization creates a positive vibe in the industry. The organization which invests in itself is always on the right track towards success. The customer, however, is the king here and benefits from having a highly efficient and effective sales service in place.

Proposal outline and outcomes

Proposal Summary: Provide training to Sales Agents of ABC Sales Ltd., with current technologies and methods of selling.

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