Case Study of Tourism Management -

Case Study of Tourism Management

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Tourism Management Question

  1. Article on the water footprint of tourism in Spain.
  2. Review on Solid Waste management in the Hospitality Industry.
  3. Energy and Carbon emission review for Macao’s gaming industry.
  4. Special Report on How hotels are going green.

Tourism Management Solution

This scholarly article attempts to evaluate water footprint with the help of Input-output methodology. This methodology is a widely used one to evaluate different types of the embedded footprint of diverse environmental resources, like energy, carbon, water, etc. The authors focused on evaluating the virtual water trade happening through the tourism industry in Spain, along with the same through the agricultural and industrial product. With the help of IO table of 2004, a social accounting matrix, and the necessary water data they have managed to evaluate water footprint of Spain, as 31.5 km3/year as water consumption footprint, 46.5 km3/year as virtual water import, and 22.8 km3/year as virtual water export. Then, they focused on the tourism industry and found out that different sectors of it are having very low direct water use, less than a liters per euro, however, the embodied water use by those sectors are extremely high, like 600 l/euro for in Restaurants, 450 l/euro in cafes. This paper also evaluated the difference of impacts due to foreign tourists and domestic tourists and found out that the contribution of foreign tourists is just slightly higher than the domestic counterpart.

Although this paper has successfully showcased a detailed methodology for evaluating the water footprint of the tourism industry, I found this paper too methodology-centric. A more detailed analysis of what could be done to change the ground reality would have been more effective. At the same time, if this study could have taken different time periods into consideration then we could have understood the trend of water consumption in the tourism sector, is it increasing or decreasing, especially in the context of various environmentally friendly initiatives. 

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