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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

I want the expert to look back through my responses and then use that information to help me formulate my classroom assessment philosophy. It should be in APA format, one page. no references

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution

My classroom assessment philosophy is vital to developing love of mathematics in my students for the rest of their lives and needs to support student learning and achievement, inform my teaching practice as well as support larger goals of the school and community. 

I will use both formative assessment throughout the learning process and summative assessment tools prescribed by national standards at the end of the learning process. Both these assessment processes will be designed to aid student learning and to inform my teaching practice but above all they will be designed to bring out student strengths and weaknesses and cater to the personal mathematical abilities and potential of each student.

My formative assessment will inculcate Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence model and use music, art, nature etc. I am specifically interested in overall development of my students and believe mathematics study should be integrated into interesting endeavors of human expression like music and art. Environment and sustainable development have become huge concerns for every person on the planet and I believe that integrating nature related activities – observation, games that involve natural phenomena in formative assessment will aid greatly in making mathematics interesting and meaningful and less stressful to my students. 

Mathematics as a subject is feared by many people. I intend to be a good role model for my students and make mathematics a fun and interesting subject to study. I intend to make math assessments also fun and learning experiences for my students.  I also intend to use gender sensitive assessment techniques in mathematics assessment as mathematics is often perceived as a subject that is disliked by girls. My formative assessment will use cultural, ethnic and student specific strengths and bring out the best in my students.…………………..

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