Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report -

Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report

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Nursing Clinical Practice Question

What are the challenges faced by the nurse professionals while delivering care and assistance to the patients affected with mental health issues?
Nursing Clinical Practice Answer
The clinical governance system is required for evaluating the patient – outcomes after the administration of patient – centered healthcare approaches for mitigating the manifestations of various mental conditions across the community environment (Hooshmand, et al., 2014). The clinical evaluation of the projected interventions and remedial strategies also assists in identifying the challenges experienced by healthcare professionals and nurses while administering community based interventions for improving the wellness outcomes. The organization of the clinical governance strategies with the effective management of the developmental approaches is a major challenge that requires attention of healthcare professionals while administering clinical as well as psychosocial assistance to the target population. The essence of the patient’s participation in psychosocial counselling and medical decision-making felt by the research community while designing healthcare approaches across the mental health settings. The clinical governance of patients’ participation in healthcare strategies determined with the evaluation of the relationship pattern between them and the associated healthcare professionals (Vahdat, et al., 2014). The evaluation of the level of awareness of the affected patients regarding their mental health patterns and disease conditions provides an insight to the nurse professionals and healthcare teams while configuring patient – centered approaches in the context of elevating the patient outcomes across the community environment………………..

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