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Marketing Assignment Question

Easy to be online marketing but not easy to be sustainable without distribution channels. In our case, iTwin's marketer have done a successful online marketing but there were external and internal challenges. We aim to find solutions for:

  1. The internal challenging like cannibalization due to the cost of online marketing considers as a low cost comparing with offline one, some of the entrepreneurs just go behind the sheen of online marketing without considering the issue of cannibalizing and that exactly what has happened with iTwin.
  2. The external challenges like competing with extremely big companies that have successful cloud applications could take over all iTwin solution.

The iTwin's CEO shares with us, his plans to launch the third iTwin's solution. We aim to take one step ahead and discuss as to, whether should iTwin launch a new one online or should go offline. If it goes offline, will it thereby cannibalize itself online?

Marketing Assignment Solution on The Company  iTwin

Why this particular company?

iTwin is a successful startup company in Singapore. iTwin has made a good mix of active and passive marketing methods to successfully build the brand awareness. The company has opted to use social media advertising and online marketing tactics like- attending a lot of international trade shows.

The case has detailed information to analyze the problem that was solved by the information technology tools and services provided by iTwin. iTwin has provided the privacy and security to the public Internet. iTwin provides two devices- iTwin Connect and iTwin File Access to make public internet access and information transfer private and secure for the customers…

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A brief background about the company:

The Company:

iTwin is a successful startup company that enables security and privacy for the personal data while using public internet. Till now the company has won multiple awards for its path breaking products such as iTwin SecureBox, remote file access product, iTwin Connect, etc.   iTwin made the public internet usage private and secure in the era of cloud generation…

The Key People:

Lux Anantharaman– Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Lux Anantharaman completed a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from IIT in Chennai and a Master degree from IISc in Bangalore. After completing the education, Lux started working as an IT security researcher at the Institute of Systems Science, Singapore. Later he joined Kent Ridge Digital Labs and the Institute for Infocomm Research as Senior Researcher. Lux's expertise can be summed up in the areas like- PKI implementations, efficient digital certificate revocations, and usable security…

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Key Aspects:

The Product:

iTwin enables security and privacy of data while using the public Internet. One device plugged in office computer and one other plugged in the carried computer make that all possible. iTwin wants to shatter the myth that security and simplicity cannot go hand-in-hand. For too long, security designers have put crypto protocols and algorithms first and the users, second. A security chain is as strong as its weakest link and in current security systems, users have become the weakest link…

Rationale behind the choice:

The purpose of choosing iTwin as a case study is to provide a comprehensive view of non-traditional marketing and advertising methods like an online marketing. Both the strength and the weakness of this approach against off-line marketing will be analyzed through iTwin marketing practices.

It is a strength because the case allows us to discover how iTwin has successfully used brand awareness tactics through many of trade shows beside social media advertising, direct E-mail marketing, search engine marketing and cold calling.

The key difference between our case study and other research in on-line marketing is that the case study is open to the use of mix of nontraditional on-line marketing by focusing on cost-leadership in order to reach the correct target customer…

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New additional knowledge that the case will be adding to:

The case provides a good mix of active and passive marketing tactics adopted by iTwin. Active marketing – When iTwin is actively reaching out to customers who may or may not be aware of iTwin. In order to reach the customers, iTwin attended international trade shows to promote their products and solutions in front of target customers. Social media marketing and email marketing are the other active marketing methods used by iTwin.

Passive marketing – When iTwin's customers are actively seeking out iTwin Connect or iTwin File Access. iTwin used search engine marketing to reach target customers by smart positioning. The sales team of iTwin also made cold calls to generate leads and promote the products. In this case, the marketing was done before the need arose for the customers.

In addition to the related concepts and tools used for analysis and evaluation in the case study, we want to declare how iTwin has been successful in the places where iTwin knows that the customers are looking for iTwin products. Many of the iTwin customers do not realize yet that they have a need for at least one of iTwin's solutions till they come across the iTwin products. Interestingly, when iTwin launched the second solution, iTwin's marketer has cannibalized the first solution…

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