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Concept development and marketing plan

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Write a Concept on development and marketing plan for a sustainable offering with reflections?

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In his acceptance speech during Noble Peace Prize 1970 ceremony, Norman Borlaug quoted, “science, invention, and technology have given humans materials and methods for increasing food supplies substantially” (PMSEIC 2010). Apart from the scientific developments, the major issue threatening the global economies is food insecurity. It is observed that Australians have an awareness that food security is rising as a global issue. Since, the 2008 food price crisis, there is an increased priority towards policies on food security. It is estimated that around 16% of the global population is undernourished. This situation is expected to worsen further with the world population growth, restrictions in food production, varying consumer consumption patterns and the expected impact of climate changes.

Access to fresh and healthy food is considered as one of the basic rights of human beings (Lindberg 2012). Australia is considered as foods secure country with its ability to cater to the needs of its population and the world through exports. However, it is estimated that 5% of the Australian population undergo food insecurity. This shows that a significant portion of the population is unable to eat safe, nutritious and culturally apt food. Various factors contributing to this condition are financial crisis, unemployment, homelessness, ill health, geographic isolation, lack of transportation facilities and lack of proper awareness about food and nutrition.

 Urban agriculture is gaining momentum as over 90% of the Australian population resides in urban localities (Ismail 2015). According to a survey by The Australian Institute, 48% of urban households in Australia are interested to cultivate their food items at home. The expected fluctuations in food prices, climate changes, reducing groundwater sources and increasing agricultural costs act as a barrier to the usage of cheap and healthy food items. This has given rise to the increasing usage of urban agriculture as a strong and durable system of the food source……….

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