Critical Analysis of Language ideology and language theory -

Critical Analysis of Language ideology and language theory

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Do a Critical Analysis of Language ideology, language theory, and the regulation of linguistic behavior

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  The present paper, ‘Language ideology, language theory, and the regulation of linguistic behavior’ (2009) has been written by Philip Seargeant. It deals with the language ideologies and linguistic system in a way that shows how language is regulated in society.

Seargeant discusses the issues raised in this area from the perspective of linguistic anthropology and philosophical studies starting from dualism that was rejected in the late 18th century with the with the Hamann–Herder–Humboldt tradition (pg. 346). He then poses a question if there is a fundamental interdependence between language ideologies and linguistic system which leads to further examination of implications of a such a question to understand the role of language in the lived experience in the latter part of the paper. The paper starts the discussion of the question raised in the introduction and the examination of its implications to regulate the language within society with five theses and offers its applications for applied linguistics.


According to the first thesis, any language scenario where communication happens involves both an understanding of the linguistic system and an ideology of language as it is done through the practices of speech. One important example here is language policy and institutional infrastructure that transforms policy into practice (pg. 347).

The second thesis presents the conflicts between the linguistic system and ideology of language raising a question that to what extent the various language ideologies are a part of a verifiable theory of language. The third thesis raises the challenge for an integrated theory of language ideology and the linguistic system by hypothesizing that certain ideologies of language are part of the linguistic system because language is a differential system. One example here is the differences in dialect are inevitable because language is not an unchanging entity, but…………..

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