Critical Analysis of the St.Patrick’s Day Festival -

Critical Analysis of the St.Patrick’s Day Festival

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Research an event or festival in the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Ireland (southern) or an aboriginal event or festival in Australia?

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Analysis & Critical Evaluation
St. Patrick’s Day celebration started in the year 460 AD and from then, the Irish people have been celebrating this festival for more than 1500 years. In the last century only, this has become a global phenomenon. This celebration also provides the ground for the marketers of the company to prove their sales & marketing skills. They try to leverage this global phenomenon to increase their sales. Sponsorship is one such process through which the companies try to create a branding and association with the festival itself (Saint Patrick’s Day history, 2016).
Sponsorship by the 2 major sponsors
The types of sponsorships not only vary from place to place but also change their pattern depending upon the time of the day. In the early morning, when the crowd starts gathering sponsorships are generally restricted to banners and posters. But on the latter part of the day, the sponsors arrange for free distribution of T-shirts, caps and other wearables. As the day progresses sponsors also start providing free food and drinks. The types of organizations, involved in the sponsorship also vary widely. Sponsorship not only comes from educational organizations but also from the organizations involved in sports and gambling.
One of the major brands being CIE Tours International (WEST, 2014). For many years the company has been sponsoring official parades. With thousands of people watching the festival live and with millions watching it over the television, the managing director believes that this is their right opportunity to establish themselves as a global brand. He also believes that this sponsorship serves the company’s dual purpose. On one hand, the company is promoting tourism, but on the other hand, it is also increasing the recall value of their brand. Thus the company does not hesitate to pay millions of pounds for this event. In exchange, the company also receives a 30-minute spot on the radio as well as a 30-second commercial spot on the television (WEST, 2014).
One of the other major sponsorship of St. Patrick’s Day festival is the group of Diageo Plc., which promotes two of its beer brands Heineken & Guinness (WEST, 2014). The brand wants to associate with the audience of the March parade and thus the returns they expected are huge. As per some of the marketing experts, the returns that they receive from the sponsorship is not only through the improvement of their brand value, but also through promotions of some of their cause for Gay & Lesbian rights across the world. So the festival has given them an opportunity to put forward their cause and get more people involved in the same (WEST, 2014).

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