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Linguistics Assignment Help on Critical Discussion of Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Analysis Case Study

Write a Critical Discussion of Animal Farm (approximately 875 – 900 words)

Animal Farm Summary

  Animal Farm is the political satire based on the Soviet Union which got published in 1945. Orwell himself accepted that his purpose was to fight against totalitarianism in effect to the Russian political issues and socialist movements there. Orwell has been a socialist who tried to establish socialism by ridiculing the people who accepted Soviet myth without criticizing its effects. Through this, he meant the leftist intellectuals.  It basically means about the myth that Stalin’s reign of totalitarian rule and his dictatorship was, in turn, a socialist regime. 


Animal Farm analysis  is frequently used in university courses as a satire of power that targets beyond the specific state and historical context mentioned in the book. Some of the major themes that have been discussed in the novella are satire, religion, tyranny and false allegiance. Satires are defined as an art where the writers attack what they see as human folly (LeBoeuf, 2007). Orwell discovered the popular English satire written in 1726, Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. His book, like Gulliver's Travel, attacks the prominent follies of his time. Napoleon is shown as a person who

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