Cruciality Of The Aspect Of Job Satisfaction For Management -

Cruciality Of The Aspect Of Job Satisfaction For Management

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Business Management Question

Assignment 3 Guidelines 

Please note that Teamwork is a key learning outcome of the unit and assignment 3 has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is therefore not possible to replace this group assignment with an individual task.

It is important that students are available and willing to work on the assignment throughout weeks 8-12 of the session.

There is both a Group and Individual component to this assignment. Full details of both components are provided below.

  • Group Component

Groups will consist of 3-4 members and students can choose whomever they wish to work with on the assignment. If no preference is advised by the end of week 6, the UA will assign students to a particular group. Group compositions will be announced at the end of week 7. On-campus students will generally be grouped with other students from the same tutorial class, while External students will be grouped with other External students.

Group Task

Each group will firstly select one of the following key issues that managers of organisations often strive to develop or contend with:

  1. Organisational Commitment
  2. Employee Satisfaction
  3. Deviant workplace behaviour

Groups are to then prepare a report (max 1500 words) which describes and explains:

  1. The selected management issue and its role in organisational performance.
  2. How the Human Relations or Open Systems model of the CVF might be used to effectively address the selected issue.
  3. The limitations and/or risks that should be considered when undertaking the particular management approach (i.e. the HR or OS model) to address the selected issue.

This report will be prepared as a word document (.docx) and submitted by one group member prior to the due date. The report will be assessed according to the ‘Group Component’ marking criteria (available in the Assignment 3 file on BB) with each student in the group receiving the same common mark.

  • Individual Component

Individual students are to undertake and submit a review of their Group’s performance. The ‘Performance Review’ report (max 500 words) will identify and analyse the key factors (good and/or bad) that contributed to the group’s performance (process and outcome). The report will be assessed according to the ‘Individual Component’ marking criteria (available in the Asmt 3 file).

Tip: students should avoid simply ‘describing’ their experience. Rather, the focus should be on analysing the reasons ‘why’ positive and/or negative behaviours contributed to the group outcome.

Business Management Solution

1. Introduction

Employee satisfaction is imperative for a successful business. Satisfied employees are directly related to a lower employee turnover rate (Katavich 2013). This requires employers to ensure that employees are satisfied with their jobs. Management practices propagate the significance and relevance of employee satisfaction, but economic downturns take the attention of the management away from them. Stress, poor communication, no recognition, low opportunities for growth, and high-stress levels among employees are some of the factors that are likely to cause dissatisfaction among employees towards their job. It is important for managers to focus and work on these factors to improve employee satisfaction (Katavich 2013). Human Relations approach proposed by Elton Mayo lays a strong emphasis on the role individuals play in determining organisational success or failure (Sarker & Khan 2013). The term Human relation is usually used to describe the manner of interaction of managers with their subordinates. Higher stimulation among management and employees nurture better human relations and thereby better working conditions in an organisation (Sarker & Khan 2013). Human relations are created by thoughtful management; reflecting on the social and psychological factors that motivate employees by management (Indabawa & Uba 2014). The current report highlights the significance of employee satisfaction as a crucial management issue for managers and offering ways of keeping employees satisfied through the Human Relations approach.

2. Employee satisfaction- A crucial management issue

Job satisfaction is the general temperament that an individual holds towards his or her job and the difference in the amount of reward that employees receive and the amount these employees believe that they should receive(Mbah & Ikemefuna 2012). Satisfied employees possess the resources as well as responsibility to decipher and meet the needs and demands of customers (Xu & Goedegebuure 2011). Emotionally satisfied employees possess emotional resources such as empathy, respect, understanding and attention. These resources are reflected towards customers through the behaviour of satisfied employees in a service-based organisation. When employee satisfaction is an outcome of Human relations, organisational work environment and job enrichment, quality of administration is positively influenced. These employees are creative enough to become a component of the service they are delivering. Hence, employee satisfaction improves the quality of service in an organisation (Ariani 2015).

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