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Customer-Centric and Data-Driven Business Model

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Information Technology Assignment Question

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Cookies Limited is famous for its wide range of delicious cookie products. Currently, it has only one store in the city, with a local transaction management system in its desktop computer. That is, all transaction histories are recorded during the sales.  

Inspired by the boom of e-business, the company decided to expand its business online to boost the sale and accessibility. Therefore, it plans to build an online shopping system. 

One strategic goal of the company is to convert its business to be customer-centric and datadriven. The company owners are especially interested in the idea of recommendation systems. They has two key requirements for the system: 

  1. Customers are included into the process of new cookie/flavour design.
  2. The system can find and recommend different types of cookies to customers based ontheir profiles and shopping history.

To achieve these requirements, a membership system, which allows users to rate and review cookie products, has to be introduced. It also helps to track the shopping history of each registered member. 

You are a new data manager hired by Cookies Limited to help them achieve their strategic goals of customer-centric and data-driven business model. You are required to plan a future proofing data-driven information system to better facilitate the business and improve sales. The design should address the future demands for the growth of data volume and computing capacity. 

You have been requested to prepare a report. Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how new technologies may be beneficial to their business. Please note that standard report structure, including an executive summary, must be adhered to. 

The main body of the report should include the following topics. 

  1. Data Collection and Storage
  • Data collection system (what kind of data should be collected and how)
  • Storage system (what are the requirements to the storage and how to achieve them)
  1. Data in Action
  • Consumer-centric product design (what is it and how to do it)
  • Recommendation system (what is it and how to do it)
  1. Business continuity
    • How online business can survive in case of power outage or other disasters?

Note that you are requested to focus on the use of technologies into the proposed plan, but not the discussion of actual system design. The following two tips help prepare a better report: 

  • Try to explain the technologies in your own words, making them easy to be understood by general audiences.
  • Write the technologies in the context of Cookies Limited, making them practical and appealing to the company executives.

Information Technology Assignment Answer

Cookies Limited is the firm renowned for its wide variety of delightful cookie items. At present, it just has a single store in the entire city, with local transaction or exchange management framework in its computer system. However, now Cookies Limited decided to grow its Cookie business online to boom its accessibility and sale. This study is a business plan to build a proper online shopping system. This study highlights the future-proofing customer-centric and data-driven framework to better encourage the business and enhance the business deals of the organization Cookies Limited. This study helps Cookies Limited to accomplish its vital objectives of data-driven and customer-centric business model. The targeted audience in this study is official representatives, who have a broad business experience yet constrained ICT learning. This study is done as the managers want to understand how fresh and innovative data-driven and customer-centric business technologies might be gainful for business. The first part of the study includes the description of Data Collection and Storage Systems, the second part includes Data action which consists of Consumer-centric product design and recommendation system, and in the last part, Business continuity is discussed. 

Customer-centric and Data-driven Business Model

To build a data-driven business model to boom their business online, Cookies Limited first have to inculcate the previous culture of the firm. Presently, Cookies Limited is not using any online business, but they have to change the thinking of its employees and make them aware that a firm with proper data-driven access has some characteristics such as It accepts customer experience and value addition, therefore, this change in the culture of Cookies provide beneficial results to the organization. It also accepts that the data are not only numbers but an ability which tells the adventure about the admiral growth and customers. It accepts that the data should be attainable to all advisors as well as training is all-important to guarantee that the data is activated effectively and interpreted properly and that a faculty of commitment is necessary to be absolutely beyond the firm towards realizing the data-driven society (Brdjanin and Maric 2013, p.33). With the help of a new Online data-driven business plan, new and old clients of Cookies Limited will collaborate with the brands through an added amount of touchpoints than ever before. Every alternation on Cookies online business system will provide admired information about clients, their behaviour, preferences, as well as requirements. On the other hand, in today’s client-centric world, storage of big data is essential for creating and developing an exceptional and personalized experience. So, the marketers of Cookies Limited face the challenges of using the insights from the data to accommodate value addition. With the help of customer-centric and data-driven business, planning the clients’ data is easy and accessible from assorted sources, such as Cookies’ website, Cookies transactional abstracts records, for instance, in Cookies ERP, and CRM frameworks and it will surely help the organization to fulfil its customers’ requirements as per their needs and choice (Lindner and Senn 2015, pp.3-10). There are external sources like business automation tools that accommodate data about firms’ clients’ behaviour. By integrating the data from alien sources with Cookies centralized data systems, a firm can easily get to perceive as how to target their prospects relevantly through its new website and manage the customer’s requirements and buying cycle on its online shopping system. On the other hand, by being a customer-centric website, Cookies Limited need to anticipate clients’ requirements and pleasure them with services and products which they might not have content of, however, have to instantly love it, for instance, Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Apple’s being a customer-centric trade-name they create merchandise, policies, processes, as well as a society which is planned according to customers to assist the clients with an outstanding experience. That is why, in today’s business, firms want to be more and more customer-centric. Many organizations accept this concept that the fulfilment of customers’ needs is a core method for every booming business (Bosworth, Holland and Visgatis, 2010). However, many companies don’t accept all the constituent parts placed to genuinely claim the customer-centric business model. They need to start with clients; not products (Stoichev, 2014 p.97).

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