How to Design a Law Case Study Solution?

How to Design a Law Case Study Solution?



In business law assignment, a case study is invariably asked to be solved. This assignment help will not only indicate how to find a solution but also show how to format the case study paper which in other words can be called as designing of the solution. The Law case study solution refers to a solution for a particular legal dispute given the facts and circumstances of the case. Audience for the solution is none other than yourself as a lawyer or a budding lawyer except when you are in an examination setting wherein the faculty tests your ability to design a case study. However, designing of the solution is the formatting part of the solution. The formatting can be found in a business law case study sample.

We have seen elsewhere that the best method to crack a law case is IRAC pronounced as “EYERAK”. That is when you are a given real life court decision and asked to brief the case involved. This can be found in most of the law assignments as a method to be followed.

Designing a case study solution

You are a given a hypothetical legal dispute and asked to find a solution to the problem involved. Hence, the disputed case study usually does not mimic a real case decided by a court but it may contain twisted facts and circumstances to test your ability to solve the case which in other words means to present a solution for your client and try his chances in a court of law. In a way, designing a solution is pre-court exercise. Designing also involves formatting of the solution which will form major part of this guide as we have already seen in “how to crack a law case study”, the substantive part of a case study, that is the “solution”. This law essay help showcases the way in which the formatting part of the case study solution.
An ideal design of the case solution involves spell-check and grammar check requirements and the requirements of your course papers.

Spell check and grammar check and others

It is a must for every lawyer to ensure that the text of his solution is not marred by spelling mistakes and incorrect usage of grammar. Incessant spelling mistakes would show that you have done the work in haste which has not undergone a check at all. As said above, students can make use of the sources of this law essay writing service. Secondly, the legal terminology must be used with care in order to avoid distortions in the meaning of your solution. Most often, the word “not” is omitted by mistake giving the opposite meaning and a wrong solution. Wrong quoting will lead the audience to think that you are not scientific enough. The above said mishaps will spoil the overall worth of your solution. Writing styles cannot be mixed. You must follow either British or American style or as you have been asked to write.

Course paper requirements

The course paper will have the requirements in respect of cover page, case topic, table of contents, bibliography (list of references), footnotes or in text, list of abbreviations, text of the solution, and last but not the least, page limit. It goes without saying that your signature is embedded without fail. A verbose writing will show a lack of focus and presentation skills that create a bad impression about you in the minds of the audience especially your tutor who corrects your paper. These requirements will be seen in detail hereunder:

Table of contents and structuring of the text of the solution

The table of content must be precise and shorter than the outline if any. The main headings and subheadings must correspond to the ones in the body text of your solution. This should be counterchecked finally before submission because updation will be required if you happen to modify the text or headings during your final reading especially when you use an in-built software for table of contents.
Structuring in a proper manner is important as a subdivision implies that there are at least more than one subheading. This is universal regardless of the countries and time periods. That is, “1 “must be followed by “2” and “a” by “b” and not “1” by “b”.

List of references (Bibliography)

When you offer a solution, it is after a thorough research. That is, when confronted with a hypothetical case scenario, you go about searching the Internet for possible literature with your own key words and pick up hints and quotes from the literature called sources. You should quote them in your bibliography section in alphabetical order to indicate that you consulted them before arriving at your solution. They may be text books, journals, cases and reports etc. You should ensure that no sources are cited in the body text of the solution, form part of the bibliography unless you have really consulted them. You must consult writing styles such as Harvard, MLA, APA, OSCOLA, or Blue book and choose an appropriate bibliography format. In most of the cases, you will be asked to provide foot notes instead of in-text citations in which case the footnotes should appear at the end of each page with numbers corresponding to the ones you have mentioned within the text.

List of abbreviations

For the sake of brevity and avoiding repeating long expressions, we use abbreviations. These abbreviations should be listed at the beginning before the table of contents page so that the audience is not left wondering what these words really mean.

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