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Developing Management Capability | Team Work

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Business Management Question

Explore and develop key capabilities in one of the two key managing others capabilities addressed in the unit.
Students are to choose either:
  • Conflict and Negotiation, or
  • Empathy and Trust, or
  • Teams and Groups.
During the Saturday workshops, diagnostic tools and mini-simulation activities will be undertaken for each topic that serve as the experiential basis for individual reflection about current practice. These are compulsory activities for students enrolled in the on campus delivery mode. Students who do not attend and participate in these activities will be deemed not to have completed this component of the assessment task and will receive a penalty.

Business Management Solution

In the era of globalization, the major success criteria for the companies are their teamwork environment and group performance (Bell and Brown, 2015). If the team environment is not so appropriate then in the absence of coordination and cooperation the companies can never execute their strategies (West, 2012). The decision making will be delayed and most importantly knowledge sharing within the organization will also be affected adversely. In the current report, the team and group working capabilities have been explored along with developing team working habits. The application of models and concrete development plan is the main features of the present report. 
Literature Review
Definition of Team and Groups:
Scarnati, (2001) has defined teamwork as a collective effort of teammates to achieve specific goals within a stipulated period. The author has emphasized the fact that through teamwork the hard goals can be achieved as people work with each other and it increases their capabilities. On the contrary, Harris, and Harris (1996) shed light on other characteristics of teamwork. The authors emphasized mutual respect and mentioned that teamwork is always directed towards the common goals to be achieved. Thus, based on both definitions, it can be said that teamwork is a cooperative way just to achieve organizational goals by enhancing an individual’s capacity through each other’s help and developing mutual respect is also essential (Parker, 2011)………………………..

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