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ECO10250 – Economics for Decision Making

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Economics Assignment Question

Assignment 1
Question 1
1. Explain the link between scarcity, choice and the production possibility curve. In your answer use graphs and include a description of the three concepts in your own words
2. Outline the major factors that determine the type of economic system existing in a country. Based on the factors you noted above, describe the principal differences between the Australian economy and the Chinese economy
Question 2
a. There has been a breakthrough in the manufacturing of solar-powered motor vehicles that will substantially reduce their costs of production. Use demand and supply curves to illustrate what will happen to:
i) the equilibrium price and quantity of solar-powered motor vehicles.
ii) the equilibrium price and quantity of conventional motor vehicles.
In an attempt to increase the use of solar-powered motor vehicles the government decides to set a minimum price for solar-powered vehicles that is below the market price. Do you think this is a good idea? Explain your decision using graphs.
Question 3
Explain what will happen to consumer and producer surplus and deadweight loss if the government imposes a tax on sellers for each radio they produce in order to raise government income? Include in your answer an explanation of the three concepts – consumer surplus, producer surplus and deadweight loss.
Question 4
The local cinema wants to increase its total revenue. It is considering the introduction of a 10% discount to locals. The company has estimated that there are two types of local customers who will have different responses to the discount offer. The likely responses of the two groups are shown in the table below.

Group A

(ticket sales per week)

Group B

(ticket sales per week)

Ticket sales before the 10% discount



Ticket sales after the 10% discount



 i) Using the midpoint method, calculate the price elasticities of demand for Group A and Group B.

ii) Explain how the discount will affect total revenue from each group. 

iii) Should the company offer the discount if it wants to increase its total revenue.

iv) Describe the impact on the demand elasticity for the original company when another cinema opens in the town.

 Question-5 a) Complete the cost schedule below:

Total Product

Total Fixed Cost (TFC)



Total Variable Cost (TVC)


Total Cost (TC)



Marginal Cost (MC)



Average fixed cost



Average variable cost



Average total cost











































b. If the firm is operating in a perfect market where the price is $35 dollars how many units should this firm produce in order to maximise profit? Explain your answer
c. Graph the average variable cost, average total cost and marginal cost and marginal revenue curves

Prepare a report on the current state of the Australian economy and its management by the Federal government. You need to do this by examining the following four economic indicators – economic growth (GDP), unemployment, inflation and trade (including the terms of trade, the current account, net foreign debt and the value of the Australian dollar). In your report you are expected to outline the target values for these economic indicators as well as the trend in these economic indicators over the last 10 years. Finally, you should outline the current macroeconomic policies of the Federal government and RBA where you think these policies may relate to these four economic indicators and comment on whether you see these policies as suitable in the present economic environment.   Given your analysis, you are expected to conclude your report with policy recommendations to achieve targeted economic growth, unemployment, inflation and trade outcomes. 


Economics Assignment Solution

 Australian government experienced steep challenges while developing economic policies after the recession and financial downturn that crippled the world economy in 2008. Soon after the global economic crisis in order to cope with the present condition such as the aging population, socio-economic as well as environmental challenges the current government who was elected in 2013 emphasized addressing the structural budget deficit through reducing the reduction on spending habits. This issue could be prominently analyzed and discussed in relation to key economic indicators like economic growth (GDP), unemployment, inflation and trade. To begin with, economic growth or GDP has been detailed below (, 2016)……………

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