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Human Resource Assignment Question

 The assignment is based on a case Study entitled “Meeting Organisational Politics” which can be found in the textbook. You should read the case study carefully.
After the meeting the HRD manager asked John to drop by her office for a chat. She closed the door. She said that she wished to discussed the awkward conclusion to the meeting chaired by the assistant director. She told John that she had become conscious of the lack of interpersonal and leadership skills of the operating managers in the department and the fact that they were being protected by the assistant director, as they had all been brought up in a ‘boys club’ environment of ‘do it tough’, ‘do it hard’, and ‘never show your soft side’. She had tried to raise the issue of improving the interpersonal environment but had also being brushed off by the assistant director who had pointed out that this is a man’s world, not a woman’s. She had nearly left several times in sheer frustration. However, she said, “with your support, John, I’d like to make an approach to the director to develop and deliver a developmental program for managers and supervisors in the whole department.”

John is delighted to have the issue placed squarely on the table. They begin work on a proposal to put to the director, recognising that the organisational politics will be very difficult but a necessary barrier to overcome. There are fifteen supervisors and four line managers in the department and several are notorious hard heads who will resist any attempt to address the issues of interpersonal relationships and people management skills. John and the HRD manager decide to present a proposal covering three phases


Proposal basis:
background evidence of the need to improve interpersonal and
people management skills in the department; engagement of an external training
consultant with a high level reputation in the area who can manage the toxic management culture in the department;
the need for an adult learning approach which respects the
experience of the participants without merely conceding to the hard heads; a timeframe for the intervention;
recommended developmental approaches to be used – e.g.
workshop, mentoring coaching, action learning etc.; recommended learning tool(s) to be used (e.g. role plays, scenario development, group-based problem solving etc.).

Note: there is no requirement for costing.

Design and Implementation:
the program design and approach;
implementation plan and schedule, program delivery structure (timing, delivery and resources/personnel required). The developmental approaches should be supported by adult learning theory.
Evaluation Plan (and Critical Reflective Analysis):
short-term and long-term elements;
Critical Reflective Analysis.

Human Resource Assignment Solution


The report aims at understanding the microeconomic factors that affect demand and supply of higher education. As a policy analyst, the researcher evaluates the responsiveness of the students to any change in the fee structure at the various universities. It is a comparative quantitative analysis where the change in demand for the courses in a particular set of universities is compared to the change in the price of courses for another set of universities. By taking few examples (as given), the report attempts to conceptualize vital economic terms like own-price and cross-price elasticity of demand………………….

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