Education Assignment Case Study on Amaal’s Story

Education Assignment Case Study on Amaal’s Story EDU24502

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Amaal’s Story
Amaal is a 13-year-old seventh grader at Forrester Middle School. This is her second year at Forrester. She also attended elementary school with many of the children at Forrester. She has lived in this school district all her life. Amaal’s family is from Pakistan. Her parents immigrated to the United States to attend college. Upon completion of their educations, they applied for and were granted work visas, and then later became U.S. citizens. Both of Amaal’s parents are employed outside the home. They have a comfortable lifestyle. At least they did until 9/11/01.
Things changed dramatically after that tragic day. While Amaal never had problems with peer relations growing up, and was, in fact, a fairly popular student, recently she has been the object of ridicule at school. Other students make disparaging remarks about her ethnicity. Some refuse to work with her on group projects, telling teachers that they are afraid to because she “might do something” to them.
Amaal was on the school volleyball team last fall. After the terrorist attacks, the other girls on the team would have nothing to do with her. They ignored her both on and off the court. Opposing fans and parents often directed racial slurs at Amaal.  It did not take long for her to quit the team. The other girls actually celebrated her leaving with a slumber party at the home of the team captain.
In the past, Amaal has been a stellar student. Now, she is just getting by with Cs. She seems to have lost the spark that previously endeared her to her teachers and classmates alike. She often sits alone in the cafeteria, or sits with the few other students with Middle Eastern backgrounds. These students, who generally did not seem to have much in common before, now share a sad plight—the rest of the student body ostracizes them.
1.    What are the issues in this case?

-Conduct a brainstorming to identify the root of issues in the case, which would help point out the main cause of issue.

-Avoid explaining reason of the issue, stick to mentioning “what” the issue is.



2.    What, if anything, could Amaal do to help her situation at school?

Ans-Try bringing out the approaches in behaviour that can be taken up by Amaal. Like in case can choose approaches like confrontation, avoidance

– In points describe what all can be done by Amaal to manage the situation by herself. Like concentrating on studies and limiting interaction, taking up a revolutionary approach and drive along with other middle east students to present their points.

-Try bringing out realistic and feasible points.



3.    What should the teachers do to help Amaal and the other students who share her situation?

Ans-The discussion should be analysed at individual and group level.

-The situation can be brought out by presenting what positive and negative impact can be expected on involvement of teachers in the scenario. And how negative efforts can be reduced as an effort to help Amaal.

-Mention a few classroom practices that can be followed by the teacher, that can help Amaal in the situation and manage relationships among students.



4.    What could be done to ensure that students learn tolerance for those of different ethnicities?

Ans-Check through a few theories of tolerance that can be taught in a classroom.

-Mention prominent expected results based on available literature and how that sorts the issue in case.

-Sum mate by mentioning an importance associated with such teachings.



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