Education Assignment Case Study on The Lecturer

Education Assignment Case Study on The Lecturer

Case Study for Education Assignment Questions

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The Lecturer

Sid teaches high school social sciences, including history, government, and psychology. He nearly always uses lecture to communicate ideas to his students. He views lecture as the most efficient way to instruct. Sid expects that his students take copious notes, which will help them on exams and prepare them for college.

He uses an overhead projector to model what he expects their notes to contain. He writes these as his lectures progress, so his students know what to write and when to write it. The use of the overhead projector requires that some of the lights be turned off in the classroom and the blinds closed. Otherwise, students will have difficulty seeing what he has written.

Sid prepares his lectures in advance. Preferring never to “wing it,” he follows a carefully prepared script from which he sometimes reads. He wants to ensure that his lectures are easy to follow and linear, and that each section of a class is exposed to the very same information. He often includes material not found in the textbook so that students are exposed to differing opinions. He even includes material from current journals, because some texts are hopelessly out of date.

Occasionally, Sid interrupts his lectures with questions such as “Don’t you agree, Tim?” To ensure that his students remain attentive, he always calls on a specific, randomly selected student. However, this often results in a response such as “Huh? Could you repeat the question?”  This is more likely to happen as class progresses. By the end of class, Sid notices that, invariably, at least two students have fallen asleep. He finds this incredibly frustrating.

“I can’t believe they sleep during class!” he exclaims. “How can they possibly expect to pass this class when they sleep through it?”

Predictably, many students, particularly those who have slept through lectures, do poorly on Sid’s exams. They simply do not have the requisite knowledge to write thoughtful responses to his essay questions.

1.What are the issues in this case?

Analyze the case in totality to understand the various points of controversies mentioned.

-Based on identified controversies and differences identified bring out the main cause of issue behind the points.

-State the same as the main set of issues in case in a convincing manner.

-Can make use of concept map to keep all dimensions under consideration while identifying the main issue.



2.Does Sid use teacher-centered or learner-centered instruction? What strategy does he use? How well does Sid follow the guidelines for this strategy?

-All the three parts of the question needs to be answered in a straight forward manner.

-Answer the first section by choosing among teacher-centered and learner centered approach. Your choice would frame basis of the next section of the question to be answered.

-Avoid elaborating on what is done by Sid rather look for theories that promote or depicts Sid’s style of teaching.

-The third section is a quantitative. You would need an answer with definitive terminologies like quite a lot, a bit, very well, highly.



3.Why do you think Sid chooses to teach in the manner he does? What would you say to him to convince him to change his methods?

-Give a little background that clear states the choice preference of Sid.

-Give a clear set of comparative benefits of the other option which you feel should have been chosen by Sid.

-The last sentence should be a “Thus” statement, that proves your point of the other method to be a better choice in the scenario of Sid and why.



4.What are some ways that Sid could increase student interest and involvement in class?

-Use links like this to answer the question in a straight manner.

– The choice of class practice suggested should be back up with reasons to justify its success over the present method.

– Try stating your point in a convincing manner. State if possible some examples that shows the huge gap in results obtained by the two method, presently used and suggested option.



5.How might he help students better prepare for essay exams?

-The answer should propose 3 aspects. One is learning better in class, understanding and then implementing that in an essay exam.

-Suggest some essay writing tips that can be developed by help of a teacher.

-Suggest class activities along with tutor cooperation that may help bring difference.



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