Education Assignment Case study on The Test

Education Assignment Case study on The Test

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The Test

George has a test next week in his eighth-grade history class. He is having considerable difficulty remembering terms, names, and facts. On his last test, he identified General Sherman as a Vietnam War hero and Saigon as the capital of Japan. Historical dates are so confusing to him that he does not even try to remember them. In addition, George has difficulty spelling.

The test will consist of fifty objective test items (multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank) and two essay items. In general, George does better on essay items. He purposely leaves out any names about which he is uncertain and always omits dates. Sometimes he mixes up his facts, though, and often loses points for misspelled words. On objective items he has real problems. Usually, more than one answer will appear to be correct to him. Often he is “sure” he is correct, only to discover later that he was mistaken.

Before the last test, George tried to design some mnemonic devices to help him understand. He used acronyms, such as HOMES (for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior). While he remembered his acronyms quite well, he could not recall what each letter stood for. The result was a test paper filled with acronyms. Another time a classmate suggested that George try using concept maps. This classmate lent George the concept maps she had designed for her own use. George looked at them and found them to be very busy and confusing—he couldn’t figure out what they even meant. They were not at all useful to him.

George has decided he is in need of some serious help if he is to pass this class. He has sought you out for his help.

1. What are the issues in this case?

Ans-Read through thoroughly to clearly bring out aspects of discussion in the case.

-From all dimensions of discussion identified frame a clear case statement.

-Try using the link to appropriately define issues in the case.



2.  With what type of learning is George having difficulty?

Ans-Based on information provided in case mention all learning difficulties mentioned.

-Try linking it to a theory to appropriately plan resolution. Have a look at the link to know the theories and disabilities that are already recognized in children learning.



3.  What type of learning is easier for George?

Ans-Try presenting the answer in an analytical tone. Use Bloom’s taxonomy to choose analytical verbs that can be used.

-Present clear recommendations along with justification as to how implementing the same can help George learn easily.



4.  Design a study-skills program for George drawing on principles of the cognitive information-processing approach.

Ans-Introduce and explain cognitive information processing approach.

-Use tabular format to plan the program.

-Justify and present feasibility of the suggested program.

-Do not forget to mention how using the same the learning capabilities that are lacking in case of George can be managed.



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