Education-Teaching Assignment Sample on Introduction to Research for Educators

Education-Teaching Assignment Sample on Introduction to Research for Educators

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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

1.What is educational research?
2.What do you bring to the research process?
3.What is educational research and how can it support educational practice?
4.What do you bring to the research process?

In particular, what interests you and what more do you want to know? In this session, we will begin to explore our conceptions of the reasons for doing educational research.  Part of this session will be an introduction to your fellow students.

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Educational Research

Educational Research can be defined as the process of implementing research practices to the field of education. Educational research is not just a single area, but rather it consists of a collection of different disciplines that allow the individual practicing it to implement research in the education field for supporting educational practices. Educational research consists of a large number of disciplines like psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc. Educational Research not only allows one to transform educational practices, but also gives an understanding and allows one to evaluate the various aspects of the education field which includes disciplines like student learning, teaching philosophy, classroom dynamics, etc.

Educational research also collects data and then evaluates the data to improve the quality of the system. One can conduct research in any of the following disciplines of education and finally put forward their notions on how to make them more efficient. The research can not only be associated with the teachers and the students, but can also be associated with teaching dynamics, classroom behavior, and dynamics. All these disciplines together make up the educational system (Creswell, 2015).

Good Educational Research

Good educational research practices consist of performing research practices in a manner that includes working along with ethics, practicality, theory and methodology. In order to perform good educational research one needs to work in collaboration with all the earlier mentioned practices. Good educational research will certainly produce good quality of results from the data that one derives from the research practices (Introduction to Educational Research, 2015).

What interests you?

In my opinion, any field of study that would allow us to create a better world and help mankind by working towards the betterment of the society is what interests me as a research topic. For instance, implementing research in educational practices or the practice of educational research allows one to understand the concept of education from every perspective by conducting experiments on every individual associated with it and then developing results and conclusions on the basis of the research. Finally, the results and conclusions would allow the individual to make changes in the educational practice and allow him to make the practice more efficient so that it could create better results. It also allows the individuals are practicing it to look for more alternatives that will make the process better.

Why educational research

One might argue about the use of research in educational practices, but its usefulness and impact on the field is what makes it a relevant practice. Research in this field makes analysis on the current prevailing educational practices on the basis of experiments conducted from all perspectives and then makes the results and conclusions on them. This allows the practitioner to come up with better means of practicing this trend and making the process more efficient than the prior practice. It would be helpful to both the teachers as well as the students. Educational research also allows the individuals are practicing it to look for more alternatives that will make the process better (MCMILLAN, 2015).


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