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Effective Workplace Participation

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Business Management Question

Assessment 1: Negotiation Test

Assignment instructions: For this assignment you are required to participate in an oral negotiation with another person. Each pair will have 20  minutes to prepare their arguments. Negotiations must not exceed 10 minutes under test conditions and without  referring or reading from a piece of paper.

Assessment 2: Case Study and Literature Review

Assignment instructions: Literature Review: No more than fifteen (15) references (preferably from the academic literature; i.e. based on  reviewed research) – including your text book – are required to support your discussion and conclusions. Marks  will be given for evidence of thinking, reflection and integration of academic literature in support of your  discussion. 

Assessment 3: Team Project

Assignment instructions: For this assignment you are required to work effectively in a team to produce a report, an oral presentation (15  minutes) and minutes from three group meetings. The objective of this assessment is to encourage your active  participation in the class and to promote shared learning. This is a group activity and the mark is weighted  equally to the group and individual.  

Your group needs to present and facilitate a discussion about a case study. The case needs to critically  analyse ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Identify ethical dilemmas in an organisation based on  personal and organisational values. What are the ethical problems, why problems have arisen and how  they can be resolved. Link theory and practice! The presentation will be assessed on the level of interest and  engagement, creativity, depth of content, flow and viability of recommendations. The time allowed is not to  exceed 15 minutes (we may need to negotiate this depending on the class size). 20% of the mark is allocated to  your presentation and 20% is allocated to the report which is due on the day of the presentation.  

The report should include ONE page Executive Summary. All group members need to contribute equally.  Please submit minutes from THREE group meetings to show each group members’ contribution towards the  report and presentation.

Business Management Solution


In the present time, around 70-80% of the hidden jobs are found by effective networking. It helps in highlighting one’s skills to the people who in general, cannot be reached easily. Proper and effective networking helps in accomplishing this purpose (Inkson, 2007). Now, one must be thinking that he/she has a degree from the top institute and has landed in a very good portfolio due to this. But does it end there? Do people not want to look for better job opportunities? This is exactly when networking helps in career advancement. Active networking helps in proper career management by providing an exposure to various job opportunities which would not be possible had one tried on his/her own.

Purpose Scope and Limitations

The purpose of this report is to understand what is career management and networking. It also attempts to analyze how networking helps and in the career development of an individual. However, there is a limitation of this report. It is a literature review, and hence the information has been taken from secondary sources. The primary sources like an expert interview may show a little diversion from what is discussed in the report.

Sources and Methods

Secondary sources like scholarly articles are used to understand and analyze the topic. The second part uses a Harvard case study Dave Armstrong, which is analyzed and recommendation is made.

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