Effects of Technological Changes in Hotel Industry-Report

Effects of Technological Changes in Hotel Industry-Report

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Management Assignment Question

Students are to produce an essay of no more than 2000 words on one of the following topics.

Topic 1

Write an essay on the effect of technological change on the lodging industry, and how businesses should best respond. Consider the question from both sides: 1) the effect on how the business is run and 2) how customers access and perceive the industry.

Topic 2

Write an essay on how the lodging industry is affected by economic conditions. Using journals, texts, and published material from major hotel chains for support, outline what changes you would expect to see in the industry in the mid-term future (three to five years).
Your essay should be critically reflective and based on the reading of a wide range of resources. You should research using all of these sources: Internet, library texts and educational journals to clarify your position. You should refer to material from at least two books, at least two journal articles (online journal articles) and at most two (2) internet sites (general websites). Based on these reading, you should prepare an informed response to the essay topic.

Management Assignment Solution on Effects of Technological Changes in Hotel Industry

Technology plays a significant role and is a critical factor that determines the level of guest satisfaction in hotels and that is why the hotels utilize technology as an amenity that adds value amenity so as to enhance differentiation and at the same time to enhance the level of guest satisfaction. This essay has a twofold aim first it helps in finding the level of guest satisfaction that the users gain from the existing amenities available in hotels that are technology-based. Secondly, it also examines the impact of technology in the manner the operations are run in the hotel industry. With the changes in economic conditions, there are changes happening in the hospitality industry and the consumer behavior as well (Brandau, 2009). The hotel industry needs to take proactive steps for implementation of technological advances, whereas it should constantly try to build good levels of loyalty amongst its customers as well as service quality (Magnini, Honeycutt, & Hodge, 2003) .

Technology in Hotels

Lodging or hotel industry commenced adopting technology in the early 1970s and since then it is continuously evolving in a rapid manner since then (Collins & Cobanoglu, 2008; Erdem, Schrier, & Brewer, 2009). AS a general rule, the larger the size of the hospitality facility and the more complex it is the greater it depends upon automation (Piccoli & Torchio, 2006) . The technology is applicable to the lodging sector and that too mainly at two levels:  firstly at the operational and managerial level and secondly for the in-room guest services (Lee, et al., 2003) . The hotels introduce guest oriented technological amenities that are mainly implemented in order to improve the level of guest satisfaction along with the functionality and the level of performance shown by the staff at the hotel. In-room technological amenities are being designed for providing  a better , more comfortable as well as  an environment that is safe for example  that includes  electronic safes and locks,  desktop computers, climate control systems, mini-bars,  entertainment systems,  fire annunciator, entertainment systems , security systems , and others (Collins & Cobanoglu, 2008) .

Some of the selected hotel technology used as amenities   that are used in everyday operations or very frequently are: Voice Over IP (VoIP), High Speed Internet Access, In-room video checkout, In-room control panel, voicemail / messaging,    In-room Pay-Per-View (PPV), electronic locking system, In-room safe, universal battery charger, etc. Many experts from the lodging industry realize the importance of technologies related to in-room as the travelers or their customers are becoming much more technologically savvy (Higley, 2007 ; Munyan, 2008). According to many studies, there are various in-room technologies that are used for developing and providing a guest experience that should be positive (Erdem, Schrier, & Brewer, 2009) . These are combined with better applications in front-office automation, that are sometimes also supported by a technology concierge, the hotels have now started understanding the importance of overall guest satisfaction (Kim, Lee, & Law, 2008) .

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