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Information Technology Assignment Questions

Q1. Categorise the following examples of computer storage as either 'Short Term' or 'Long Term' and explain the reason for this choice.  You may need to look up what these storage types are:

  1. A CPU Register
  2. An SSD
  3. Dropbox

Q2. An office LAN has twenty workstations.  The office manager has asked you to replace their 100Mbps (wired) hub with a 100Mbps wireless AP.  Will this increase or decrease the bandwidth available to each workstation?  Explain your reasoning.

Q3. Describe and contrast a network’s physical topology and its logical topology.

Q4. What are two benefits of fibre-optic cabling over wireless networks?

Q5. When you turn on a computer, it 'knows' its MAC address.  What type of address does it need to receive messages from the Internet and how does it get this address?

Q6. Imagine a futuristic world where a faster-than-light communication technology was invented.  What layer(s) of the OSI model would be affected by this invention?  How – justify your response.

Q7. The switching table below has a number of entries for port 1.  Give two possible reasons for this:

MAC Address

Port #






Q8. Describe how multiple processes can appear to be run simultaneously on a computer.

Q9. You have a 32GB USB stick.  You are going to store an 8GB database file on the drive.  The database file contains sensitive information.  What file system should you format the drive with?  Why?

Q10. Firewalls can be effective against worms, but are generally of no use for viruses.  Why is this?  You may need to do some additional research to answer this.

Information Technology Assignment Solution on Electronics and Networking

Electronics Networking  is a bigger aspect that students of Information technology need to know about.

Ans 1

  1. A CPU register is short term storage. It stores data that are needed while processing by CPU. Registers can store small amount of highly important data for a short time. If the system is shut down of the related task is over, the data will be lost from the registers…

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Ans 2

3D optical storage is a new concept of data storage that is not still commercially available. In 3D optical memory, data is stored and retrieved by 3D resolutions. It can support very large storage of data like petabytes of data. Laser-based technologies are used for reading and writing data onto this storage medium. The advantage is the volumetric attribute of this storage medium. Based on non-linear arrangement, data is stored and it ensures non-interference among addresses and data. Some limiting factors related to this storage technology are destructive reading, media sensitivity and thermodynamic stability. (Ryan, 2012)

Hub will work for wired network. It will share the bandwidth among the connected computers. The bandwidth will be shared among the computers that are transmitting data at a time. Access points or AP are wireless counter-parts for hubs. An access point works for a wireless network of users. But the working process is similar. It will also share the bandwidth among the users who are transmitting data through the access point at a time…

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Ans 3

Wireless access points are different than wireless ad hoc networks. Two or more devices under an ad hoc network can be connected without having an access point. Ad hoc networks are easy to develop for specific purposes of data exchange, online gaming etc.

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