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Enhance Customer Service And Retain Customers

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Business Management Question

Write a Research on how to enhance customer service and retain customers

Business Management Solution

Industry Description

The company in consideration here is a small salon that offers threading services, eyelash extensions and henna tattoos to their clients. It comprises of about 7-8 employees who work in shifts. One of the employees is a mutual friend and can provide detailed information on the functioning and operations of the salon. The salon operates by setting up a kiosk in a shopping center in Queensland, Australia. 

Research Problem

A key problem that the salon is facing is on retaining customers and facilitating a repeat visit. the center can only happen by enhancing the service offered to customers and researching in this area to identify the pain points of the customer. The research would try to list down gaps that can be filled via effective service and improvements. This is important in order to sustain as well grow this business to other locations in the city and beyond. 

Research Aim

As suggested above, the real problem for the salon is to achieve repeat customers. To achieve this, the research will focus on collecting key areas where there is a scope of improvement. The research will also aim to highlight the problems faced by the customer including and not restricted to distance from their home, higher prices, fewer visits to the mall, etc.  

Research Questions

Based on the problem at hand, specific questions can be framed to gain insights from the customer. For example:

  • How often do you prefer to visit a salon for threading services per month?
  • What are your options when considering a threading service appointment?
  • Would you visit the shopping center only to getting a threading service?
  • What additional facilities would you prefer in addition to the current amenities at XYZ?

Data Needs

The data required to analyze would mostly be in the form of in-depth interviews from current clients. However, a survey can also be floated online across women between the appropriate age group to understand their threading preferences and additional services they expect. Secondary data on competitive salons in the same area can be collected to position the current salon among them.

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