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Information Technology Assignment Sample on Enterprise Planning and Implementation

Enterprise Planning Implementation Sample Assignments

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Information Technology Assignment Question

Journal 1

Your journal task is to choose any two Health Information Systems (HIS) and assess them, and write a report. The assessment should focus on the various components of business systems

Wikipedia states that

Business System Planning is a method for analyzing, defining and designing an information architecture of organizations. It was first issued by IBM in 1981, though the initial work on BSP began in the early 1970s. At first, it was for IBM internal use only. Later it was made available to customers and this method became an important tool for many organizations. It is a very complex method dealing with data, processes, strategies, aims and organizational departments which are interconnected. BSP brings new approach to design an information architecture and its goals are to:

● understand the issues and opportunities with the current applications and technical architecture

● develop a future state and migration path for the technology that supports the enterprise

● provide business executives with a direction and decision-making framework for IT capital expenditures

● provide information system (IS) with a blueprint for development.

Journal 2

Your journal task is to identify various considerations involved in planning for a secure Health Information System. For this purpose, assume that you are an IS Manager of a hospital of your choice. The hospital consists of 10 beds and specializes in cancer-related issues. The CEO is keen to develop a HIS for the customers so that billing and scheduling can be managed. You are required to use your prior knowledge to arrive at a planning document. You can define the hospital, the type of services to be offered as an initial scope and then plan for the HIS.

Information Technology Assignment Solution on Enterprise Planning and Implementation

Solution 1:-

Health Information System (HIS) refers to any system that captures, stores and logically retrieves any healthcare related information that can be used for a transactional or analytical purpose. Assessment of HIS would involve assessment from multiple dimensions like Information Architecture of HIS, Organizational Structure, Security, Dataflow, and Business Intelligence among other aspects.

For the purpose of below report, the focus is on Information architecture of HIS and Organizational Setup.

Among multiple HIS available in market today following 2 HIS are selected for study purpose :-

a. 3M HIS (3M)


Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page.

3M HIS:-

3 M HIS is a suite of HIS related products available for implementation as per implementing client's specific requirements and demands. It consists of multiple applications like Clinical documentation manager, Billing, Health Data management system among others. 3M HIS is a HIS information system that provides customized application for any healthcare client. 3M HIS follows an object based architecture wherein multiple objects are basically developed for various entities. Various real life actors are mapped to objects and relevant roles are assigned to multiple entities…

Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page.


GNU HIS is an open source HIS. (http://health.gnu.org/). GNU works on the principle of classes and objects. All users refer to their respective role and perform an applicable job. GNU HIS is also reusable component based so that objects once created can be used in new development Project owner is the chief sponsor…

Solution 2:-

Case in brief:-

Jim Rodgers is Chief Information Officer (CIO) in newly founded Martin Hospital. Martin Hospital, founded by doctor couple Dr. Glenn Martin and Dr. Mary James has found a new hospital with an aim to provide the best in class Cancer specialty treatment to the entire Bayside Park community. Jim Rodgers has been assigned the important task of designing an effective Health information system that will offer multiple interactive online services to Patients as well as Hospital staff. To begin with, the system must offer an online appointment scheduling system for patients and a billing system for the hospital. In order to design such health information system, Jim needs to consider multiple aspects and factors…

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