What’s best for Business: Utilitarianism or Deontology?

ENVM3103:Environmental Management for Hotel and Attraction

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Management Assignment Question

A critical analysis of how the issues contained in the article affect environmental management in hotels/attractions should accompany each article. Your analysis should not simply be a summary of the article, but an informed discussion of the issues raised and their importance to environmental management in hotels and attractions, using academic research to support your arguments. Each article analysis should be between a half and a full typed page. Six articles are required and they should be no more than two years old (i.e. published within the last 2 years). A variety of media sources should be used and may include (but not be limited to) newspapers, magazines, trade journals, academic journals, brochures, newsletters, press releases and bulletins. Articles should cover a minimum of three different topic areas from the following list: • water management

  • waste management Assessment | 7
  • energy management
  • the indoor environment
  • building and construction management
  • sustainable food systems
  • sustainability of operations
  • environmental management systems
  • environmental legislation
  • national park management

Management Assignment Solution

Kasim, A., Gursoy, D.,Okumus, F. and Wong, A., (2014) in their journal named “The importance of water management in hotels: a framework for sustainability through innovation” have studied on worldwide issues of quality and quantity of drinking water. This study has primarily focussed on hotels, travel industry, and their contribution to this global issue. It has been estimated that about 450 million people already have been facing severe water stress. A large number of the population has been facing difficulties in availing safe drinking water and required sanitation. However, it has been found from this particular study that when the use of water is compared to agricultural use, tourism uses only 1%, which consequently has caused water scarcity.

Thus, this journal article has proposed that hotels can adopt innovative strategies in enhancing their water management by embracing the 4R approach. This 4R approach includes 4 key aspects and those are Innovative Reusing, Innovative Reaching, Innovative Reducing, and Innovative Recycling. This framework discusses how hotels of various sizes could adopt this approach in order to minimize the issues of adopting water management, which would enable them to achieve commercial effectiveness. This research study has studied about 4R approach while other initiatives could also be discussed. In addition to this, the financial estimation that the 4R approach will need has not been discussed which could have been helpful to small hotels adopting this approach.


Gössling, S., (2015)in the journal “New performance indicators for water management in tourism”have studied about tourism industry is surging identified as water consuming industry not only on the regional basis but also in the local and global parameters.  Most of research studies that have been carried out are based on direct water consumption where tourism industry uses water management on the direct use of water. This research paper contradicts that such approach does not considered the complexities of global and local use of water. Conventional water indicators are analysed and discussed and knowledge gaps prevalent are identified.

Local use of water influences use of water in the destination and use of global water. This journal article has been studied on a case study of resort hotels in Rhodes, Greece, where from data for good consumption have been collected.However, study and data analysis on more than one hotel could have been more strong. The research outcomes then has been used to create an effective and efficient set of performance indicators. These performance indicators are beneficial for……………………………..


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