Essay introduces students to the task of searching and discovery -

Essay introduces students to the task of searching and discovery

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Sociology Assignment Question

The Task:  This essay introduces students to the task of searching and discovery.  Unlike other research essays, you are asked to relate your personal ideas and opinions in “first person”.   Your essay should offer thoughtful, college level, ideas and responses.
How to Organize the Essay:  Thoreau’s Walden inheres not in a suggestion that people live in the woods by subsistence farming and occasional wage labor, but rather in a challenge to readers to perform cost benefit evaluations of their modes of living.
Part 1:  Offer a research based description of the economics of your post-graduation lives, assess on the basis of evidence drawn from Walden what Thoreau might think of your plans, and then respond to Thoreau’s probable views.  Use the Consumer Expenditures Report 2013 to detail your post-graduation living expenses.  How do you visualize a plan, strategy, or idea of life after graduation based on the report?  Consider type of job, average salary, and reality of cost of living.  Detail your priorities including money for fun and vacations.  How do you want to live? Don’t forget debts you will have after college.  What are the necessities you will need?  What is your projected income and expenditures?
Part 2:  Explain and respond to what Thoreau might say about the U.S. Department of Labor’s most recent table of average annual expenditures and characteristics from the Consumer Expenditure Survey.  Use specific ideas expressed in Thoreau’s Economy, and compare those ideas to the Consumer Survey.  How would you define citizens based on the report compared to Thoreau’s idea of being a citizen?
Part 3:  Bill MCkibben says that Thoreau’s Economy “provides a diagnosis of what is wrong with American life:  materialism”.  “How much is enough, and how do I know what I want”. Evaluate Thoreau’s ideas in relation to contemporary modes of living.  What do you agree with, and why?  What are issues you might disagree with, and why?  Does the idea of “more” make us prisoners of the economy rather than really living “life”?  In other words, after concluding your search (Thoreau’s Economy and Consumer Report), compare what you thought you knew, assumed, or imagined with what you actually discovered and offer personal commentary and/or draw some conclusions.
Your main goal is to impress me with how well you understand Thoreau’s thinking and how specifically you can engage with it and apply it, either in situations you imagine for yourself or to the national situation.  Are we a nation that spends too much and are we really happy?

Sociology Assignment Solution

An exploration into the way of life led by Thoreau is the basis of the essay. It is on basis of the work, that the life in woods led by Thoreau is assessed and evaluated against the life of the author of the essay on various aspects giving an opportunity to extend a cost and benefit analysis on the mode of life being led. Through Walden’s journey, Thoreau has narrated and discussed the challenges of life experienced due to economic constraints faced in the woods, and then explored how spirituality has gained importance in life. It has been further discussed that the living expenditure significantly increases owing to challenges experienced in woods, that is a life of isolation(Thoreau, 46) Self-reliance and a call for simplicity blends in this literary piece which explains ways in which most men work. The objective of the work can be established from the words of Thoreau as, “ … to use the words of the catechism, is the chief end of man, and what are the true necessities and means of life”(Thoreau, 10). The essay majorly extends by analysis of three identified clauses. Firstly, based on pieces of evidence from Walden, as given by Thoreau, and use of Consumer Expenditure Report, 2013, the personal living plans would be analyzed against probable views by Thoreau. Secondly, a detailed comparative analysis of Thoreau’s economy against the consumer expenditure survey as given by the US Department of labor. And thirdly, an analysis of Thoreau’s ideas of the economy against the contemporary modes of life…………………..

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