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Business Ethics Question

1. Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace.
2. List the main ethical questions raised by this dilemma. 
3. Use scholarly references to critically analyse the three most important lessons you have learnt from this dilemma about ethics in the workplace.  
4. Make recommendations to prevent this type of ethical dilemma happening in the future. One of your recommendations must link to an existing Code of Ethical Practice and/or Conduct that could have assisted in addressing the ethical dilemma. Explain how and why this code would have been useful. 

5. You must include at least four scholarly references in your assessment.

Business Ethics Answer

1. The most important lesson learned from this dilemma is what appears to be the problem might not always be the root cause. What the dietician should have done at that juncture was, deeply analyze the main cause of the chronic disease for which the patient was undergoing treatment. The fact that she was under mental pressure because of which she fell prey to unhealthy diet practices, might have led to the idea of suggesting her to receive professional assistance from the mental health department. Bingham pointed out that patients in need of professional help for their mental issues are often intimidated by the fact that they need medical attention for their mental health due to culture, taboo, social stigma etc. (R.Bingham, 2012). Hence they resist the idea and don’t accept that they might need medical attention. This requires that they are counseled and are made to realize the need for visiting a professional.

2. The second learning is to understand where the autonomy of the patient is rational or not. When the patient complained of the diet plan not working and asked for a change of plans, it is necessary to understand if she is making a valid request and make changes accordingly. In case the request is rejected, it should be backed with arguments as to why the existing plan should suffice. Rebecca Walker speaks about the concept of Rational Autonomy Analysis wherein the relation between the decision taken and the means for achieving the decision is important (L.Walker, 2009). The patient decided that stress eating might be a way to cope with the situation at home. Rational autonomy analysis will prompt the dietician to analyze this decision.

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