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Everyday Sunday’s Marketing Strategy

Everyday Sunday

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Marketing Assignment Question

The Rockwell Beverage Co is a start‐up organisation aimed at producing soft drinks and possibly other products for the Australian Market (possibly expanding into other markets as well). It looks to give consumers a relaxing alternative to regular soft drinks and to high energy drinks like Red Bull (Alford, 2001). Its theme is 'Everyday Sunday is all natural relaxation beverage designed to keep you calm and relaxed.' The name comes from the idea that Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, so that by drinking the product, every day becomes like Sunday.

Some foods and drinks are known to produce relaxation among those who consume them, such a green tea (Juneja et al., 1999). Although marketers need to be careful of the claims they make about the effects of foods and drinks (Stacy, 2011) drinks like Everyday Sunday will certainly provide a different effect to the high energy heavily caffeinated drinks of competitors. Analysis of advertising shows that younger people are typically a prime target market for various beverage producers (e.g. Syrett, 2004; Fam and Grohs, 2007).

According to an industry report (Marketline, 2013), the Australian soft drink market had a sales volume estimated at $11.3bn in 2011. Consumer studies by Roy Morgan Research indicated that 57% of Australians aged 14 or over drink soft drinks at least once a week (Langley, 2013). This study showed a slow decline in volume particularly among those aged under 35, though the Marketline industry report contradicts this. Further information on the industry can be found from the industry lobby group, the Australian Beverages Council Ltd.

As students and people of student age are one target market for Everyday Sunday, a survey has been arranged about your reactions to the product. It is assumed that all students will participate – that includes both on‐campus and off‐campus students. The product itself was briefly available at the Burwood campus.

Marketing Assignment Solution on Everyday Sunday’s Marketing Strategy 

Analysis of Key Findings from the Survey

Everyday Sunday is predominantly being perceived by the student community at Deakin University as a drink which they would consume during the day as 91% of the students feel they are likely to have it during lunch hours or in the afternoon. They are more inclined to have it over the weekend, but at the same time about a quarter of them are open to having it after playing sports or while they are out partying at a club.  About one-third of the students saw the drink at Deakin University, whereas only 9% saw it on the internet. However, almost 60% of the students have not seen the drink anywhere which is a cause of concern.

Marketing Objective 1: To increase awareness and trail amongst the target group

Construct: Consumer

59% of the students who participated in the survey did not see Everyday Sunday anywhere on campus. Considering that a university campus sees a high concentration of the target group and the fact that the product was available on campus, the current level of awareness is low.

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Marketing Objective 2: To position Everyday Sunday as a relaxing drink

Construct: Competition

Before trial, 67% of the respondents liked the idea of the drink that relaxes you. Additionally, 57% of the respondents described Everyday Sunday as a relaxing brand, highest amongst other beverages such as Red Bull, Diet Coke, MF Bottled Water and Gatorade amongst others. The brand also performs decently on attributes such as refreshing, which is closely aligned with the value of relaxing. There is a clear opportunity to ride on this initial connect.

Overall Marketing Strategy

Keeping in mind the fact that we are looking to launch a new brand, one must not become over-ambitious and plan out a slew of marketing initiatives. At this stage, it is critical to have clearly defined marketing plans which help achieve the two stated marketing objectives. Once the above have been achieved, the brand may move into a higher gear and look at strengthening its bottom line.

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