FINC20018 / FINC20006-Managerial and Organisational Finance Assignment -

FINC20018 / FINC20006-Managerial and Organisational Finance Assignment

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Finance Assignment Question

Case Study 1: 
Answer all four questions. (Chapter 1)
Case Study 2: 
Answer question (a) and (c) only. (Chapter 11)

Finance Assignment Solution

Antipodes Mineral Resource Company (AMR) deals with minerals. The exploration and development of Minerals have been carried out prior to mining. The success in the exploration and development of minerals bring into a large reward in terms of profit. The company will be in profit if a mineral deposit is identified, evaluated and termed in mine.

Different topics are discussed below such as the possible investment projects in a mineral company, activities undertaken by the CFO office, aspects to be considered in setting goals of AMR and different accountabilities of AMR.

Types of investment projects in a mineral company

There are different projects where a mineral company can invest in. The mineral company can invest in those projects, which are involved in mineral exploration and development. Some of them are given below (Professor Roderick 2010):

Grassroots Exploration Projects

The exploration and development of minerals start with identifying the geologic deposit of minerals. In this stage, a mineral deposit is discovered. Once it is identified, it is further examined and investigated more closely and in the extended detail through the advanced exploration (Professor Roderick 2010). Some projects involve in such type of activity where a mineral deposit is discovered. This is a kind of investment project where the mineral company can make an investment.

Advanced exploration projects

Once, the mineral deposit is identified in some location, the next step is to do the advanced examination and investigation of that area. It requires a very close and dense study. Apart from that, it involves different activities such as drilling, trenching and delineation of the identified mineral deposit. Environmental and social aspects are also examined (Professor Roderick 2010). In doing all these activities, a huge cost is involved. Some projects come up with these activities. These projects evaluate the commercial attractiveness of the mineral deposit, identified earlier. It helps to identify the commercial feasibility of the mineral deposit. So, alternate investment opportunities for a mineral company would be in the advanced exploration projects……………………

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