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Finance Assignment Question

1. What types of investment projects would you expect to find in a minerals company?
2. You will be working in the CFO’s office if you obtain this job. What activities do you expect are undertaken in this office?
3. AMR is a public company, listed on the stock exchange. How does this fact have a bearing on the goal we should bear in mind when managing our finances?
4. Does or should AMR have any other accountabilities apart from responsibilities to the firm’s owners?
Finance Assignment Solution

Antipodes Mineral Resources is a mineral resources company dealing in mining activities, which is currently hiring for the position of the assistant financial analyst. Several rounds of the interview have already been conducted and the final few shortlisted candidates are being interviewed by you, i.e. Mr. K. Abbot-Gill, the CFO of the Company. You have laid down a final test for the applicants through which you want to test the basic and financial understanding of a minerals company by the candidates, which is in the form of some questions that we need to answer.

The questions put forth by you which are aimed in testing the following skills and awareness of candidates like me; namely:

  • Awareness about the investment patterns of a mineral resource company,
  • Awareness about the expected job profile,
  • Awareness about accountability concerns,
  • Overall awareness about the industry in which the Company functions.
    As a shortlisted candidate I have listed my responses to the questions posed by you as given below.

Investment Projects in a minerals Company:

Since mining of resources is the primary occupation of AMR Company, I would expect investments in areas centering around the mining activity which are listed below:

1. Acquiring more mines

One of the primary areas for investment would involve the acquisition of new mines. Minerals are a natural resource that is like to be depleted sooner or later. Hence, along with the process of exploring the minerals, it is advisable for the mining companies to have ownership over other mines as well so as to expand its operations. This will help to ensure a steady flow of minerals especially when done in mineral-rich areas. A steady flow of minerals will ensure that the material supply chain of the respective minerals is always steady and not irregular. AMR can enter into joint ventures or through partnerships with the Local government, the civic authorities or the local communities in the areas which are abundant with minerals (Marco February 2010)………………

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