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Business Management Question

Examine the production and distribution networks of FFF and DDD and prepare a report detailing your proposals for changes to the network in the short and long term and the potential savings achievable. 

Your report should include: 

  1. An analysis of the current distribution networks for FFF and DDD including: a. The total cost for the FFF and DDD operations. (25%) b. A map of the current distribution networks (5%) c. A brief analysis of the current situation. (15%) 
  2. A proposal for how you would combine the distribution networks of the two companies in the short term (1 – 2yrs) including details of the changes you would make. Your proposal should include: 
  3. An estimate of the savings you expect to be achieved. (10%) b. Details of the reasons for your proposed changes. (15%) (Note: In this timescale it will not be possible to acquire and open new facilities or reconfigure manufacturing plants). 
  4. A proposal for how the network could be modified in the longer term – you should include logical reasons for your ideas and an estimate of the savings that could be achieved. (25%) 

A map of either your long or short term proposal. (5%)

Marks will be awarded to each section according to the percentages in brackets

Business Management Solution

French Feline Foods (FFF) is one of the leading pet food manufacturer based in south-western France, producing and supplying the gourmet range of cat foods, especially Fish Pie and Beef with Vegetables. With unparalleled demand and growth, it has become a major up-market cat food supplier in the European region. In order to maintain its market dominance, its owners planned to expand through diversification. They have found an opportunity through an acquisition plan for Danish Dogs Dinners (DDD). However, there is a difference of opinion to realise this plan as the marketing director thinks that DDD products would be preferred by existing FFF customers, whereas the chief executive officer has concerns about the distribution network of DDD.  This report examines the production and distribution networks of FFF and DDD and details the need for proposed changes to the network in the short and long term and the potential savings achievable.

2. Current Distribution Network of FFF and DDD

This section outlines the current distribution network of FFF and DDD. The following maps indicate the location of customers and depots of FFF and DDD. The below maps are indicative and are subject to errors arising from scale differences.

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