Grammar Guide For Students -

Grammar Guide For Students

To begin with, we have all had our days when mere English Grammar has been the major part of our woes. As simple as it sounds, grammar is not always a very convenient subject for most students. There’s a reasonably good reason to it.

Grammar is not science, it’s the way we study words and how they are used together. This is the very reason why the human brain finds it hard to remember something that doesn’t have any scientific reasoning to it. However, good grammar can help you in multiple ways as a student and even later in your life.

You will be able to communicate your thoughts better without being misunderstood. Grammar helps in relaying your subject matter authority. As a student you would understand how meticulous of a task it is, yet so important. Before moving further, understand that grammar is majorly a set of rules and not mere science.

Over time, people have seemed to have accepted it as a standard procedure. However, there are instances when the grammar is tweaked to make it more understandable. But it certainly comes with the risk of misunderstanding but works well if your reader understands it. We have been working with students since some time now.

That has given us the expertise and also the understanding of how to be of help to you.All these years of work on assignments, projects and persuasive essays,  required us to do thorough research on how grammar works. We wanted to share the same resources and knowledge with you. You can make use of these online resources to be better at your grammar skills.

A Quick List Of Grammar Guides

There will always be some days when you don’t have the time to understand the rules. In those days, it’s just easier to go through a couple of guides and proceed.

1. Grammar Book

This is an extremely helpful guide for anyone looking up to random grammatical rules on the go. It could be about how to use parenthesis or usage of pronouns, it’s all there. What we like best about this guide is, how well they have curated doubts that are commonly asked questions by students.

2. Grammarly

This one is very similar to a grammar book. It has similar options to select your queries from. However, it also includes an online grammar check. Its free version allows you to write on it while highlighting your mistakes. The user has the option to understand the mistake and rectify it. What we like most about this is, the scores it gives for how well your content is structured.

3. EF English grammar guide

This guide is extremely helpful for when you have the time and patience to understand a grammar concept better. By now, you must have realized the areas you are weak at. You can make use of this guide to get in-depth knowledge about grammar topics.

. This can help you while you are working with your assignments and academic blogs. It’s of utmost importance to avoid silly mistakes in either of these.

4. Ginger

This particular website has put the effort into delving deeper into each grammar topic. They haven’t stopped at explaining how to use pronouns properly, they have done much more. They talk about common nouns, plural nouns and every other doubt that might be related to pronouns. What we like best about this website is its inclusivity.

5. Illionois edu

This is an extensive guide which contains the most frequently committed grammar mistakes. What we like best about this website is that it includes citation styles, writing topics and ESL (English as a Second Language) resources. This can be of big help to students who use ESL and are finding it hard to cope with ENL(English as a Native Language) along with the pressure of studies.

Should you or should you not do grammar exercises online?

There will be times when the most basic of grammar rules go out of use and eventually leave your mind. It’s wise to freshen up your grammar knowledge by doing some exercises online. You already have too much on your plate right now. Students are known to plagiarize their solutions during hectic schedules, which eventually shows on their grades. This is how putting small efforts consistently will go a long way in your career.

This might seem like a redundant activity but you will see its impact within a month or two. It becomes easier to communicate when you know what you want to communicate and how you would communicate the same.

3 Websites For English Grammar Exercises


You can select areas you want to take tests one. You can select from adjectives to multiple types of tenses, depending on what you are looking at improving. It also has a comprehensive grammar test and vocabulary test.

2. Perfect English Grammar

This website is actually as perfect as it can get. The website owners have managed to go into details of every grammatical aspect that students face problems with. Be it common mistakes in essays or how you use a certain gerund, it can help you with everything related to grammar. They have curated detailed tests for a lot of topics. This might be a little too much to grasp on when you are running short of time. But it’s absolutely worth the effort and time when you are looking expanding your in-depth knowledge.

3. English 4 U

We have seen this website grow to a full-fledged one-stop-place for all kinds of grammar topics. It’s all-inclusive and covers a vast range of topics.

Grammar Myths Unfolded

As we were discussing earlier, grammar has evolved over time like everything else. Some rules that were made in the 70s do not make sense anymore in today’s context. Some rules have given way to newer and more convenient rules. Most students are not aware of the recent developments and fall prey to poor assignment submissions. This is the very reason why some assignments are harder to comprehend than others.

Here are 5 websites to help you unfold grammar myths.

1. Write with Jean

In this blog, the author has managed to list down some of the most commonly misunderstood grammar myths. She also goes it explaining how these myths can hold you back as a student. She goes into great pains into explaining why those myths were born in the first place and how to avoid them.

2. Hubspot

This blog explains why grammar myths are so important to avoid. They have listed down 7 grammar myths in general. This guide could be used by both students and also by professionals using grammar.

3. Quick and dirty tips

This is another listicle guide of grammar myths people fall victim to. It’s easy to read and understand.

4. Thesaurus and dictionaries

As a student, you will come across a lot of study materials and new concepts each passing day. There will be times when you don’t understand a certain word or phrase. It’s wise to bookmark a couple of online dictionaries and keep them handy for instant use. You can also make use of these resources to improve your vocabulary with time. Students preparing for higher studies usually aim at learning a couple of new words every day. We were impressed at how conveniently our vocabularies improved with this tip.

Here are 3 Dictionaries and thesaurus to bookmark.

1. Wordsmyth

This is an online dictionary that will help you get meanings of words instantly. It has three levels, beginners, an intermediate and advanced level for its searches. It also includes quizzes and puzzles that will help you check how much you have learnt.

2. Dictionary. Com

This online dictionary helps you find meaning to complex words and also explains its usage. What we like most about this, are the informative blogs they include in their website.This can be extremely helpful while you are writing your reports. This will help you look for impressive words to include.

3. Cambridge Dictionary

This is like any other online dictionary but much better. It includes a learner’s dictionary and also grammar help. One can make use of this dictionary to look up a word and check the grammar used for the same.

5. English style guides

Grammar guides are the perfect guidebooks to understand what the recent trends are. They tell you about which rules to follow and which ones to ditch. You can also read the old guides to check where the rules came from initially. The American language guide is an excellent manual to see the origins of our grammar rules.

2 Websites For Technical Writing

As a student, there might be times when you need to write a technical paper about certain subjects. The usage of grammar in technical and scientific papers is a little different from the general usage. Fortunately for us, there are guides that explain the right usage. Here are a few websites for reference of technical writing:

1. Labwrite

This website helps you through the whole process of your laboratory writing. It starts and ends only when your reports come back graded. It has prelab, in lab, post lab and lab check to guide you through the whole process.

2. NASA Technical Reports Server

This technical writing guidebook was penned by NASA officials themselves. The guidebook is downloadable and makes your scientific writing smooth.

English Help For Non-native Speakers

Thanks to globalization, a lot of non-native students also enrol in universities today. No matter how talented they are, they often complain about language problems. It’s not easy to convert into ENL from ESL, overnight. Here’s a website with a collective of websites that an ESL student might be interested in throughout their educational careers.

Here are some guidebooks that will help the transitions from ENL to ESL.

1.ESL Rural Mural

This is an extremely convenient website that will help you strategically to avoid commonly made ESL mistakes. It explains in details the alternatives for these mistakes. It also includes a best-practices book for students interested in ENL English.

2. Thought co.

This website is a thorough one-place-stop for every query an ESL student faces. It explains how to deal with tough subjects and also includes quizzes and a lot of interesting reads. Going through their informative blogs is also a great way of learning ENL better.   The above websites have all been of extreme help to us. We believe you can make use of the same to share the same benefits we enjoyed. We, at Assignment Essay Help, genuinely enjoy playing a small part in helping students stressful lives. We sincerely believe, by helping you, we are doing our bit for the world.

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