Health Alteration Assessment - Reflection on Video -

Health Alteration Assessment – Reflection on Video

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Nursing Question

Students are expected to submit a 1500 word reflection evaluating and critiquing ethical approaches to nursing care of the patient with cancer?

Nursing Solution

The play “Wit” attempts to portray the challenging circumstances experienced by Dr. Vivian Bearing while surviving the last phase of metastatic ovarian carcinoma. The entire play provides a description regarding the sufferings of the patient during the course of experimental interventions undertaken by the team of qualified oncologists. The play highlights the instances when treating physicians consider the patient as the subject of experimental interventions in the absence of humanitarian approaches during the course of clinical care in the medical facility. The patient stays in isolation during the phases of experimental treatment and medical professionals undertaking her care fail to empathise with her that adversely affects her psychosocial health and wellness pattern. The play demonstrates the lack of compassionate attitude by the medical professionals for the patient as they perform her bedside evaluation and when the senior oncologist teaches (his fellow internists) regarding the clinical manifestations of patient’s ovarian cancer and the adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment. The treating oncologists isolate the patient in confinement where she experiences the intensity of humiliation after realizing the inhuman attitude of the medical professionals during the course of experimental investigation. The concerned oncologist performs her physical examination, and registers clinical history in a rude tone while taking multiple breaks during the evaluation episodes and fails to configure therapeutic relationship that adversely affects her feelings and psychosomatic profile as she realises the inevitable outcome of her terminal disease. The entire play evidently describes the experimental approaches practised by the treating oncologists in the absence of the intention to rehabilitate and comfort the patient as she approaches her end-of-life under the influence of the final stage of ovarian carcinoma.      
I personally feel the poor quality of palliative interventions extended to the patient by the team of oncologists in the medical facility. The preliminary objectives of the oncologists and other medical professionals relate to attaining benefits in terms of knowledge of treating cancer conditions rather than extending effective patient care for reducing the intensity of psychosocial manifestations following the experimental interventions. I realise that the configuration of holistic and palliative approaches necessarily required during the course of cancer treatment while effectively educating the patients regarding the stage and prognosis of their terminal illness and the remedial approaches for decreasing the intensity of their pain as they reach near the end of their life in the medical facility………………………..

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