HLT51607 Nursing Question & Answers on Human Growth & Development

HLT51607 Nursing Question & Answers on Human Growth & Development

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Nursing Assignment Questions

Provide solutions to the questions on Human Growth & Development.

Nursing Assignment Solution on Human Growth & Development

  1. Discuss each of the deficits she is presented with

In the present case, the patient is presented with a cerebrovascular accident with dysplasia and dysphagia. Dysphagia is said to be morbidity after stroke and its manifestation is directly related to an increase in the risk of further pulmonary complications and eventual mortality. Added to this dysphagia can also lead to more complications which hamper the normal recovery of the neurological functionality. The major manifestations of this are considered to be problems in both oral and pharyngeal swallowing. (Itaquy, et al., 2011) Lesion in the right hemisphere is hemiplegia and was caused by an injury to the left brain. (Hospital, 2011) Due to her injury, she has also acquired language impairment, dysphagia. (Morris, 2013)

  1. How the nurse can assess her mobility capabilities

This is a case of patients in acute settings, where there is a considerably high risk of falling. The advantage of these tests is that they psychometrically robust and can conveniently be used in clinical practice. (Tyson & Connell, 2009)

  1. Change her colostomy bag

The steps involved in changing colostomy bag are; (Longstreth, 2012)

  1. All the supplies inclusive of a new pouch, a pouch clip, scissors, clean towel stoma powder, stoma paste and skin wipes should be collected initially.
  2. Follow instructions to prevent any infection.
  3. Check your skin and then seal your skin.
  4. With the help of measuring card, measure the circle size which matches your stoma.
  5. Attach the pouch to the ring seal.
  6. Attach the pouch clip.

Two things which the patient should be informed about are;

  1. The colostomy pouch should be emptied when it is 1/3 full and every 2 to 4 days it should be changed.
  2. If there is bleeding or any other abnormal changes, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

31. Discharge of Ms. Singh can only be planned if her cerebral function shows stabilization. ADL needs of the patient should be met by self or with the help of caregivers, and is trying to cope with the situation in a positive manner. The process of the disease, as well as its prognosis, should be clear to the patient and a place should be mentioned where the patient can meet medical help or staff in case of need.  The discharge options include home discharge with someone to take care of or at an old age nursing home in the absence of a caregiver at home. (American Heart Association, 2014)

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