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 Sociology Assignment Question

The information provided in the Unit Guide for HSW703 Assessment task 2 is already quite detailed so, please start by reading the Unit Guide description of Assignment 2.  Then look at the Marking Rubric and Team Rubric posted.

As Part One of the assignment is a group assignment, you'll need to know which group you're in.  (Group membership has been randomly allocated.) A list of groups has been posted.

There will be time for Groups to meet and discuss the assignment at the Weekend Workshop.  Groups will need to contact any group members who are not at the workshop, or vice versa, so they can be included in discussions.

Your group will need to decide how to communicate with each other: options include ordinary e-mail or using the Group Blackboard Collaborate room that has been set up for your group in the Cloud.  (Note each group has a number as an identifier.)

Each group needs to think about how they would like to operate (you can use the Team Charter as an aid in considering group protocols).

The objective of the group is to produce a power point on one of the following questions:

  1. What is social work? (this option is selected by our group)
  2. Is social work an art or a science?

So you'll need to choose a question fairly quickly.  You then collectively make a power point presentation that would run for approximately 15 minutes, along with a script that you would read from if you were doing the slides and notes.  You will all get the same mark for this part of the assignment.

Your work will be original but you should quote articles, books and authors.

Part Two is a written reflection (1000 words) on your own individual performance in the team situation – this written reflection should discuss the quality of your contribution to the group and your reflections on your participation.

You are asked to comment on your team participation and awareness of your proficiency at the beginning, middle and end of your teamwork.  Please use the Team Member Qualities Rubric, posted on DeakinCloud as a guide to writing Part Two.

 Sociology Assignment Solution

Beginning of Team Work

For the PowerPoint presentation, the members of my team spent a lot of time and efforts to work together in a harmonious way. Initially, it was difficult to be together and work peacefully by accepting each other's ideas. This led to many conflicts and chaos in the group. In fact, during the initial process, distributing responsibilities seemed like a never-ending task.  A few of us, including me, did not like what we were asked to do. I was given the task to do the research on Social Work and collect all data through websites, journals, and books. I found this unfair initially because for me it was the most difficult work to do. And I thought that I was given the highest duty to follow. Hence, I denied my role in the beginning. But after further discussing and conversations I accepted my job. Basically, I had to collect all relevant information and note it down in a rough draft. Furthermore, during the initial meetings, our team never agreed with each other and all the members thought that their own perspective is the right way to complete this project. In fact, even I thought that the planning I have presented is the right way to proceed with the presentation, and what others are saying is wrong and would fetch us poor score (Latham, J. R., 2013).


Middle of Team Work

After the first two meetings, our team tried to arrive at a consensus with each. We were able to understand each other in a better way and I knew what others were expecting of me. Even I was able to understand each the nature and behavior of others, which was the beginning of my improvement. The roles and responsibilities were clearly distributed among all the team members and each one of us was clear about our task to develop this PowerPoint presentation. Now our focus had increased in framing a better assignment and get good scores for all of us. I did not want to argue with the team and if there was a disagreement, I tried my best to resolve it. Hence, we began to focus on our objective and tried being responsible towards this project. During this time we even decided on the subtasks and what scope does our role play in this project. The deadline for all of us was also decided and in a few cases, we also helped each other and provided with a second opinion. During the initial process I got irritated easily and did not respond properly, but during this time I was calmer and better (Latham, J. R., 2013).


End of Team Work

By the end of Team Work, all of us have changed a lot and in fact, we all became friends. We had completed our PowerPoint presentation and all of us provided with inputs in a more harmonious manner. The task that sounded so difficult in the initial stages was way easier now. If someone did not agree with what other is saying, both the parties listened carefully and solve out the differences. I was a better human now. The team-based activity gave me an insight for myself and made me into a better person. During this time I also realized that I could have replied in a better way during initial arguments and be more tolerant towards my team member. Nevertheless, by the end of our project, everything seemed orderly and clearly represented by each one of us. Still, at this time, I did not like if my team disagreed with me, but instead of reacting to it impatiently, I tried my best to listen to them and think on their ideas as well. After thinking about the whole situation, I presented my views and shared my opinion. Hence, there was a better understanding in each one of us because all of us shared the same goal and path to achieve it. We also realized that by fighting and arguing, we will not end up anywhere any there might be a possibility that we may not be able to complete the project as well (Mitchell et. al., 2012).

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