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Business Management Assignment Question

In this third and final module titled 'Impacting Quality' you are tasked with the implementation of your chosen initiatives. It is in this moment that you must now create movement in the scenario.  Your task is to engage with your lived organisational experience, the organisational realities that you expect to encounter in creating opportunities for change, and the knowledge, tools and skills you have acquired studying this unit.  Answer the following question:

Organisations are socially constructed entities. Describe the dark-side of the organisational culture issues at play in this scenario and set out how you would go about implementing a different reality.

Please listen to the Module 3 Podcast recorded by Dr Alex Dunn, and the Module 3 Podcast recorded by myself and Dr Conway, PRIOR to attempting Assessment 3.

Business Management Assignment Solution

The objective of this module is to critically discuss the cultural and communication issues that are pertaining in HOPE (Healthy Oxygen Promotional Education) commission. There is a number of issues related to communication and culture that have been identified in the organization. The problems are basically evolving among CEO Alex Coles and employees of the organization. The reason for anger among employees is the appointment of consultant Frank Rodgers, who is the friend of the CEO. Thus, employees are of the opinion that the culture of Nepotism is prevailing in the organization. Due to this culture, communication among employees and the CEO is getting affected. As described in the scenario that in the meeting being held by the CEO, no employee has communicated with the CEO. Everyone except for the CEO was silent during the meeting and that was the way all the employees were showing their anger against the culture that is prevailing in the organization. Thus, so many issues are there in the organization to be taken into consideration. In light of this scenario in the lived organization, there is a need to bring a change. The change would be the only strategy that would help HOPE (Healthy Oxygen Promotional Education) commission to deal with these complexities related to communication and the culture (ARMENAKIS, A. A., & Bedeian, A. G., 2010). The focus of this module is on designing and shaping new culture in the organization. There are several concepts that would be utilized during the course of action. These concepts are playing with the possibility, playful membership, fun at work, humoring the pain, examining the toxic, abuse at work, macro-level manifestation, meso-level manifestation, micro-level manifestation, communication scholarship, and interventions at micro-level, meso-level and macro-level. Along with these aspects, there are several change strategies such as open and upfront communication, facilitation of change process, educational foundation and support and participation and involvement would be discussed. The relevance of OCTAPACE culture would also be discussed for HOPE (Healthy Oxygen Promotional Education) (ASHFORD, S. J., 2011). Thus all the factors that impact the quality would be examined and new implementation policies would be brought in the notice of every employee in the organization.

Critically evaluate opportunities for change communication

The culture of the lived organization suggests that there are several problems in communication among the key stakeholders of the organization. The case about HOPE (Healthy Oxygen Promotional Education) depicts so many instances of communication among CEO Alex Coles and his friend Frank Rogers who is being hired recently as a consultant. The problem with this appointment is

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