Imperativeness And Implications Of Embracing Diversity -

Imperativeness And Implications Of Embracing Diversity

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Write an essay on Imperativeness and Implications of embracing diversity by modern organisations in the global multi-cultural business environment

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Constantly rising globalization demands interacting people coming from diverse backgrounds. Enhancement and capitalization of organizational diversity are some of the prior concerns for contemporary organizations. The purpose of the current essay is to discuss- why and how modern organizations should embrace diversity.  The aim of the current essay is to describe the need and implications of adopting organizational diversity by organizations to survive and thrive in the multicultural business environment that is prevailing. For the same, an emphasis has been paid upon Equal Employment Opportunity; how abiding by the legislations of EEO can help in promoting and strengthening workplace diversity. The current essay focuses on the adoption of HR policies and norms that promote embracing diversity in organizations for organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The current essay also discusses the significance of training managers and supervisors with regards to manage and supervise the multicultural and diverse workforce in an effective manner, and factors that lead to successful or failed diversity management programs.  

Organisational Diversity – Learning and development strategies

Organizational diversity is the variation associated with the social and cultural identities of people that work in well-defined employment settings (Dainty & Loosemore 2012). Diversity includes the whole gamut of primary traits and attributes of individuals that range from race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability (Kossek et al. 2011). Diversity refers to the policies and practices that aim for the inclusion of people in a workforce that are perceived to be different from the people in the prominent groups of an organization (Mazur 2010). 

Dimensions of diversity have been studied by (Daft 2008). Primary dimensions comprise factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Secondary dimensions of diversity are lesser prominent as their influence on personal identity is more variable; educational background, language, religion, etc are some examples of the same. The impact of these secondary dimensions is on the self-esteem and self-definition of individuals. An addition of tertiary dimension of diversity was made by (Arredondo 2004) which comprises factors such as beliefs, values and emotions. The strength and dominance of every dimension of diversity are static and volatile, which makes the very concept of diversity to be highly complex (Green et al. 2015). 

Modern organizations need to embrace diversity and should seek ways to be transformed into inclusive organizations as diversity holds the potential to generate higher work productivity and competitive advantages for organizations (Mazur 2010). Diversity is referred to as a double-edged sword by (Mazur 2010), who argues that if diversity is not managed well in a workplace, it is prone to become a hurdle in the accomplishment of organizational goals, instead of supplementing the achievement of organizational goals.

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